Stem Cell Therapy for Ankle Pain

Stem Cell Therapy for Ankle Pain

Ankle pain is any type of discomfort or pain that occurs in the ankles. Most times, this pain evolves from injuries, sprains, or medical conditions like arthritis. The most common cause of ankle pain is a sprain of the ankle and this occurs when the tissues connecting the bones (the ligaments) either tear or become overstretched. 

Ankle sprains can also be of different types, the most common one being lateral sprains that rip off the ligaments when the foot is rolled and the outside ankle twists towards the ground. Sprained ankles aren’t the easiest things to experience, as the bruises can last for as long as two weeks, while the pain may not heal until after a couple of months.

Causes of Ankle Pain

As mentioned earlier, ankle pain can evolve from many things. Different injuries to the bones, tendons, or ligaments of the ankle can cause ankle pain. some of those injuries include Achilles tendon injuries, tarsal tunnel syndrome, Achilles tendinitis, avulsion fracture, bursitis, broken foot, gout, osteoarthritis, osteochondritis dissecans, rheumatoid arthritis, plantar fasciitis, pseudogout, reactive arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, stress fractures, sprained ankle, septic arthritis. Ankle pain may also arise from other medical conditions that are not due to direct injury to the ankle. 

What can cause ankle pain without injury?

  • Arthritis,
  • Blocked blood vessels,
  • Joint infection,
  • Nerve injury or damage,
  • Gout

How Gout Causes Ankle Pain

Gout happens when the uric acid in the body builds up. When there’s a continuous buildup of uric acid, there’ll be deposits of crystals in various parts of the body, including the ankle joints, which can lead to sharp pain in the ankle. Pseudogout is another condition similar to gout. However, here it’s calcium that’s deposited in the joints. Nonetheless, irrespective of what’s deposited in the joint, the symptoms are typically redness, swelling, and pain in the joint. 

Arthritis is also in different forms, and they’re characterized by pain in the ankles. Septic arthritis in particular is caused by a fungal or bacterial infection in the infected area, which is likely to be the ankle.

Treatment of Ankle Pain

Ankle pain is majorly treated by a surgical operation, especially when it’s a severe level of foot and ankle pain conditions. For less serious ankle pains, medications and physical therapy can also be options to treat with a chance for improvement. However, surgery has many risks and side effects that can make the process complicated. Some of them include infections, reactions to anesthesia, blood clots, pain, or muscle loss.

Surgery also leaves the patient hospitalized for some days with a long recovery period that may require the patient to move around on crutches or wearing a cast. It’s also possible that a failed surgery syndrome occurs after the surgery or in a situation where the patient may never recover from the process.

As time goes on, an alternative form of treatment has surfaced, and it’s giving patients an easier, faster, and better route to recover from ankle pain. This alternative treatment is stem cell therapy and it has much fewer complications.

If for any reason, traditional treatment options aren’t working for you, you should turn to this noninvasive and low-risk option. For every type of sprain based on the degree of ligament damage, stem cell therapy can help to decrease the pain and accelerate the healing time of the ankle.

Irrespective of if the ankle pain is from injury, arthritis, or any other type of wear and tear in the ankle, a stem cell therapy treatment option can help to alleviate the feeling of discomfort.

Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy for Ankle Pain

Stem cell therapy is an effective solution for persistent and incapacitating sprained tendon or ligament, or arthritis in the ankle. It’s especially important for patients involved in active lifestyles like sports and entrepreneurship who need to return to the regular use of their ankles. Stem cells can be used for a lot of reasons and some of them are improved focus, concentration, and activation of the body’s regular healing process of rejuvenation.

Stem cell therapy also helps to speed up the recovery process, decrease the amount of pain, and leave your feet in a functioning state much faster than the traditional form of treatment. 

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