Top 5 benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Top 5 benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is fast becoming a go-to treatment option for health challenges of different variations. But why exactly are patients and doctors now turning to it? As technology and innovation continue to grow, there are more opportunities that are available.

Stem cell therapy provides some of the safest treatments anyone can receive. It can also now resolve a good number of issues that were formerly not curable. Now, patients can replace strict surgical options and recover faster, and also avoid the ethical issues that overwhelmed the former therapy method we’ve had for years. Here are five interesting facts about stem cell research that has brought to medicine in recent years.

Safe autologous therapy

Stem cell therapy comes from your body, thus it is an autologous state. Autologous therapies are the most harmless around, and this is particularly because there’s no risk of donor material rejection. This makes it more possible to have safe procedures. With typical surgical procedures, tissues in large numbers are lost in order to achieve a successful result. Stem cells however are just regenerative.

With stem cell treatments, you can avoid the risks of surgical interventions and the risk of infections. The best advantage of stem cells is that they are harvested from your body and are redeployed wherever they’re needed.

Ethically responsible treatment

Early stem cell research was centered on embryonic stem cell lines instead of mesenchymal stem cells like those we have today. Embryos contain large measures of pluripotent stem cells, which can be converted into nearly any kind of tissue. However, despite the advantages that came with this process, they were also quite controversial.

Stem cell therapy brings flexibility

Stem cell treatments are applicable to a wide range of medical conditions. And as the processes evolve, the possible conditions will continue to increase. The range of the applications of stem cells is becoming more effective as experts discover better ways to maximize their benefits. From stem cell facial for anti-aging to neuropathy and lupus, the possibility to treat such ailments is vast and effective.

Stem cell clinic Beverly Hills can help to improve conditions such as joint disorders, ligament repair, nerve injuries and disorders, lung and liver diseases, spinal disc problems, muscle recovery, and so much more.

Faster treatment and recovery

Stem cell therapy is easy to administer. First, stem cells are harvested, either from the bone marrow or fat tissue. Treatment time for stem cell therapy takes less than half an hour most times and is greatly reduced compared to surgical options that require several hours.

Also, stem cell therapy requires no time to recover at all, because there’s almost nothing to recover from.

Healthier treatment

At the end of the day, what anyone requires is the highest quality treatment that has the most health benefits. Stem cells provide this and much more for patients. The fact that it’s a less invasive treatment and not dependent on medication are just a few of several reasons why stem cell treatment is a healthier alternative.

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