TheReveal R.

I think this is what Kobe did to help one of his injuries and avoid surgery. Well, whatever it is, it helped a lot. Thank you to this office for offering something to injured folks that don’t jump to the surgery option.

San Antonio, TX

Jean Paul A.

I received my stem cell therapy for my left shoulder about eight months ago, and After eight months, I feel like I’m 21 years old again, I am now 31 years old, and I feel strong and confident. I searched for months cause I didn’t want to do surgery. I found Advanced Stem Cell Institute through my Chiropractor as an alternative for surgery. I had the injections done on a Monday, and by Wednesday, I was able to go back to my desk job. I share my experience with family and friends, and I recommend going to Advanced Stem Cell Institute cause of the knowledge and time they took to explain everything to me over and over again. Thank you guys

Porter Ranch, CA
Advanced Stem Cell Institute


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