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Stem Cell Therapy Los Angeles & Encino, CA (Near Beverly Hills)

Stem cells are derived from new born umbilical cord stem cells. which can renew and repair damaged tissues throughout the body. These stem cells also can manage a variety of diseases including neurological disorders, diabetes, and even heart disease. These undeveloped cells are capable of replicating and/or duplicating themselves into any body cell. This means that if you have a bone, muscle, skin, tendon, or cartilage problem, these cells can rush to the site of injury and begin repairing it immediately.

More About Stem Cell Therapy in Los Angeles

With our clinic location in Encino, CA, Advanced Stem Cell Institute prides itself in helping Los Angeles and Beverly Hills patients achieve optimal health with the use of stem cell injections.

At our Los Angeles stem cell therapy center, we can help guide you through the stem cell therapy process. To determine if you’re a good candidate, we must review your medical history. Once we review this and discuss with you your current ailments and/or medical conditions, we can make professional decisions on whether stem cell therapy is right for you. If approved, we will develop a custom treatment plan that is mapped out for you, so you can understand the process ahead.

Learn About Stem Cell Injections at Our Encino, CA, Clinic

Stem cell injections have been proven to help a variety of types of patients. Advanced Stem Cell Institute is your best option to improve the quality of your life by providing treatment solutions at our Encino, California, center through the most innovative non-surgical methods. Many painful conditions are treated including degenerative arthritis, sports injuries, migraines, spinal stenosis, tendonitis, ligament injuries, whiplash, erectile dysfunction, and failed back surgery to name a few!

The state-of-the-art stem cell therapy options at Advanced Stem Cell Institute are incredibly successful. We have over seven years of experience providing the best stem cell treatment and therapy solutions in Encino, Los Angeles and near Beverly Hills, CA, and are recognized members of the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine, American Academy of Orthopedic Medicine, and American Academy of Pain Management.

Ultimately, stem cell injections are a great alternative to surgery, and we have many financing options so you can get the treatment you need no matter your financial situation. If you’re looking for the best alternative medicine and joint pain relief around, look no further than Advanced Stem Cell Institute. Advanced Stem Cell Institute’s treatment center is conveniently located in Encino – close to Beverly Hills and inside the Los Angeles, CA area. Contact us today and we will get you set up with a consultation!

About Cord Stem Cell Therapy

Cord stem cell therapy is among some of the most powerful. Cord blood from the umbilical cord and placenta has rich cells that can repair and restore different parts of the body easily. These oxygen-rich cells from the placenta go to the baby, allowing it to have nutrient dense blood which helps it to grow. The umbilical cord itself has two types of stem cells – cord tissue stem cells and cord blood stem cells. Cord stem cell therapy has been proven to help treat countless diseases.



Regenerative Medicine treatments with stem cells, growth factors and platelets that are nonsteroidal and outpatient. Cutting-edge treatments with the potential to repair and regenerate damaged tendons, ligaments & cartilage.

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Member Of American Academy of Orthopedic Medicine

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For more information on treating your pain with stem cell therapy, contact our Encino clinic, near Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, at 855-937-7836!