Stem Cell Basics

Stem cells have the potential to develop into cells in the body. They serve to repair the body or to restore damaged cells. With the use of stem cell therapy in California, our medical team has helped patients with a variety of conditions. Our therapy clinic is conveniently located in Los Angeles (Encino) and nearby Beverly Hills, CA. The experienced team at Advanced Stem Cell Institute can explain how stem cells can help restore your health, call us today at 855-937-7836.

About Cord Blood Stem Cells

Umbilical Cord stem cells contain blood stem cells that are especially helpful to the immune system. Transplants of these stem cells from cord stem cells can be used to treat various blood diseases. After a baby is born, cord blood is left in the umbilical cord and placenta, which is easy to collect with no risk to either the mother or the baby. Some reports even suggest that Umbilical Cord stem cells can produce specialized cells that don’t belong to the blood but are also nerve cells. Another valuable thing found in umbilical stem cells is Wharton’s Jelly. This is a gelatinous substance that offers protection in the umbilical cord. Wharton’s jelly has been proven to help cartilage repair in the knee.


Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging Pain

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Amniotic tissue has been proven to be beneficial for plantar fasciitis and other tendon problems in the shoulder, knee, ankle and more. Amniotic stem cells also help athletes who may have overuse injuries including tennis elbow. They can be used with stem cell injections to help improve outcomes for a variety of patients.


Mesenchymal stem cells or MSCs can make different types of cells belonging to the bone or the cartilage, to name a few. These types of cells can help treat a variety of diseases and injuries. They are found in the bone marrow and are important for both making and repairing skeletal tissue. They make up a small amount of the cells in our bone marrow.


ABOUT BONE MARROW Bone marrow is the tissue that is within the center of large bones in the body. This is where new blood cells are made. Bone marrow contains two different types of stem cells: stromal (which produces fat, bone, and cartilage) and hemopoietic (which produces blood cells). With bone marrow, many different infections and conditions can be treated including various cancers, tuberculosis and more. However, the emerge of umbilical cord stem cell proved to be more superior.


Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is a mix of serum and platelets. They help with clotting after injuries and help stop the bleeding overall. They help to bring in new blood vessels to make sure that the body gets more blood to the area to heal properly. They are a wonderful way to kickstart healing for a variety of parts of the body. For more information on treating your pain with stem cell therapy, contact our Encino clinic which provides treatment to patients throughout the Los Angeles (LA) area and Beverly Hills, California. To schedule a consultation at Advanced Stem Cell Institute, call 855-937-7836 now!