Why Advanced Stem Cell Institute

FDA-regulated with IND # (Investigational New Drug Number) used in FDA-approved research.

Utah Cord Bank is our stem cell source and has an impeccable record of 16 years without incident.

Only 8% preservatives used per vial, which allow the highest rate of live stem cells.

Accelerated results using post-procedure supplements and stem cell stimulatory supplement products.

Board-certified Regenerative Medicine specialist.

We have our own ambulatory surgical center, Joint Commission certified, to cut cost of surgical center fees for outpatient procedures.

Direct portal or communication with physician and staff 24/7.

We use PRP in conjunction with our stem cell therapy free of charge to further stimulate and potentiate stem cell activity.

Multiple locations throughout California make it convenient for all residents of the state to receive the best care.


Stem Cell Therapy in Lancaster

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