Treatment options for pain vary with the intensity and duration of the pain. Severe or chronic neck and back pain are very common conditions and may be caused by structural damage, injuries, or an underlying illness. Common medical treatments for severe pain in the shoulder or neck aim to relieve the pain but do not treat the precise cause of the pain. Surgical therapy for neck and shoulder pain may be recommended if there are injuries or damage to tissues or bone that needs repair. However, surgery is not without risks and many patients will prefer an alternative treatment option. The most recent alternative to surgical therapy for severe neck and back pain is stem cell therapy.

Causes of severe or chronic back pain

A good number of people suffer from chronic back pain. Back pain can be said to be severe when it is always present and prevents the patient from moving, sleeping, walking, dressing, talking, standing, or carrying out any basic daily activities. In some cases, the pain begins as a mild ache and worsens over time.

Some causes of severe back pain include; structural spinal injuries, osteoporosis, kidney problems, long-term bad posture, cancer of the spine, old age, obesity, arthritis, infection of the spine, muscle injuries, fractures, and many others. The first step in achieving lasting relief for severe or chronic back pain is identifying the primary cause of the pain.

Causes of severe or chronic neck pain

The neck is structurally made up of vertebrae extending from the skull to the torso, bones, ligaments, and muscles all connected in an arrangement that allows for motion and head support. Damage or injury to any of these components can result in pain that varies in severity depending on the cause.

Some causes of severe neck pain include; long-term bad posture, muscle injuries, spinal injuries, heart attack, meningitis, arthritis, osteoporosis, disc injuries or abnormalities, cancers, infections, etc.

Non-surgical treatment for severe neck and back pain

In most cases, surgery is not needed to relieve severe back and neck pain. Patients can be treated using a combination of physical and medical therapy. These treatment options do not treat the primary cause of the pain but aim to relieve the pain alone.

Some of the known conventional non-surgical treatment options for severe back and neck pain include; exercise, relaxation techniques, epidural injections, kyphoplasty, physical therapy, acupuncture, pain relief medications, back braces, massage, etc.

Dealing with severe or chronic back and neck pain is tricky. In many cases, the relief obtained from conventional therapies is short-lived and patients may require more effective options soon after.

Stem cell therapy for severe back and neck pain

Stem cell therapy is the most recent discovery in regenerative medicine which is still currently the focus of several research works and clinical trials. Stem cells offer the unique possibility of achieving long-lasting relief for severe back and neck pain by stimulating the repair of damaged structures in the affected areas.

With the use of stem cell therapy, severe back and neck pain caused by conditions like osteoarthritis, herniated disc, spinal fractures, degenerative disc disease, and other structural injuries and disorders can be treated naturally. Stem cell therapy for a neck injury is essentially a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that involves harvesting stem cells and injecting them into the affected areas following a series of extensive tests and with the aid of advanced image guidance technology.

The use of stem cells to treat chronic or severe back and neck pain has been researched over the years and has been proven to be very effective. The stem cells used for these procedures are harvested from different locations in the body like adipose tissues, bone marrow, hip bone, etc. stem cell therapy maximizes the body’s natural healing ability to facilitate the repair of damaged tissues in the affected areas thereby relieving pain and treating the primary cause of the pain as well. Not every severe back and neck pain will require stem cell therapy. Patients who require stem cell therapy for a neck injury or back injury can access stem cell clinics in San Fransisco. Patients need to consult with their doctors before they commence treatment. Treatment plans vary depending on the condition and severity and should be closely monitored by experts.

Stem cell therapy Vs Surgical therapy

The advantages of stem cell therapy over surgical therapy for severe neck and back pain include; quick recovery time, lasting pain relief, no side effects, little risk, minimally invasive treatment option, and restoration of normal mobility and function after treatment.

Stem cell therapy is fast becoming the treatment option of choice because it offers promising results with very minimal risks to the patients.

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