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Problems with the knees are so common that about 700,000 patients undergo arthroscopic knee surgery in the U.S. alone each year. Arthroscopy of the knee is a surgical procedure in which a doctor diagnoses and treats a knee problem while looking through an invasive instrument. This procedure sometimes requires general or spinal anesthesia, and it often isn’t very effective. There’s a risk of infection and blood clots, and whatever benefits are gained are often gone within two years or so. However, if you’re suffering from knee pain, there are alternatives. Stem cell injection therapy in San Francisco, California at the Advanced Stem Cell Institute may be a much better solution for you. The procedure is non-invasive and carries hardly any risk at all.

Osteoarthritis of the Knee

By the time they’re 60 years of age, nearly everyone has some osteoarthritis, or degenerative changes, in the knee joint. Our knees take an incredible amount of punishment as we walk on hard floors for hours on end while at work, participate in sports or other fitness activities, or just try to handle the stairs in our homes. The cartilage in the joint wears out, and before long, bones are scraping against bones, causing a great deal of pain and limiting mobility. One option is total knee replacement surgery, but that’s invasive and has all the risks involved with general anesthesia as well as the surgical risks themselves. It may not be suitable for patients who are not good surgical candidates, and then, an alternative is needed. Stem cell injection therapy may be a great choice.


Stem Cell Therapy in San Francisco

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Knee Ligament Injury

The knee joint is surrounded by large, tough ligaments that help keep it stable, so it can support the body when we’re standing upright, and that also aid in its flexibility when we need to move. When these large ligaments are injured, the knee joint is no longer stable, and the meniscus, which is cartilage that stabilizes the joint, also is injured. After diagnosis, stem cell injection therapy can be a great option for healing this type of injury so that the joint regains its stability. It’s much better than relying upon pain medications and may even work much better than physical therapy for giving long-lasting relief.

Iliotibial Band Injury

A thick band of tissue known as fascia is located alongside the knee. This is called the iliotibial band, and it originates from the pelvis and hip area. This band plays a very important role in stabilizing the knee joint during any sort of strenuous activity. The iliotibial band can become very inflamed and painful over time and can cause pain even when the patient is at rest. Stem cell injection therapy is useful for healing an iliotibial band injury.

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