Why is Stem Cell Therapy becoming Popular for Treating Joint Pain?

Why is Stem Cell Therapy becoming Popular for Treating Joint Pain?

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, you still have hope. That’s because an increasing number of doctors are utilizing stem cell therapy to treat joint pain and successfully providing relief to patients with painful degenerative conditions.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine, especially stem cell therapy, continues to prove successful in the area of pain management and healing.

Before stem cell therapy, pain patients had to rely on merely treatment of symptoms. This meant over-the-counter and prescription medications to dull joint pain, and surgery which brought its own complications.

Stem cell therapy works by repairing the tissues and joints, allowing the body to heal itself.

Internal Repair

Stem cells have the potential of becoming a wide variety of cell types such as muscle, blood cells, brain cells, tissue, etc. To treat joint pain, stem cells harvested from the patient are injected back into their own body, at the injured joint. These stem cells can transform into new cartilage, promoting internal healing at the cellular levels.

The stem cell injection procedure is relatively simple. Adult stem cells are retrieved from the patient’s own adipose (fat) tissue or bone marrow. Using a patient’s own adult stem cells reduce the likelihood of rejection by patient’s immune system. The retrieval and injection of the adult stem cells is done under local anesthetic, making the procedure safe and quick with little to no downtime.

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