Why Are Stem Cells Given As Injections?

Why Are Stem Cells Given As Injections?

Stem cells are becoming more popular each and every day. Their unique ability to heal various ailments with minimal risk to the patient makes them a front runner in up and coming treatment methods. One of the reasons stem cell therapy poses minimal risk to patients is because of the method in which it is administered. Injections allow for a small hole to be poked in the skin as opposed to opening up the patient as with the case in surgery. As a result, there is a lower chance of infection and a smaller chance of damaging another structure within the body.

           There are a variety of different treatment options that exist in the world today. People may be given treatments in the form of pills, topical ointments, injections, or surgery. While some stem cell therapies are given as topicals, most are given in the form of injections. Topical stem cell therapies are typically given to people who have skin issues. This may include eczema, dry and dull skin, or psoriasis. Topical stem cells increase cellular turnover to create healthy and youthful-looking skin. While topical stem cells are effective for skin issues, they cannot penetrate the skin to help any ailments inside the body. For these issues, the cells must be delivered directly to the problematic site. 

           Stem cell injections are used in place of pills or surgery because injections are the most effective. Ingesting a pill with stem cells may allow the cells to work in the gut. However, they would not effectively get to any other part of the body. With injections, stem cells can be placed directly at the site of pain. For example, if a person is suffering from osteoarthritis and is feeling pain in the knee, stem cells can be injected into the knee, thus allowing them to be present in a very high concentration. The more stem cells that are in a specific area, the better they will work. Therefore, giving a patient a stem cell injection in the knee will give the patient the best chance at pain reduction.

           In addition to being an effective way to get a high concentration of stem cells into the afflicted area, injections are a minimally invasive procedure. With injections, the biggest risk is infection. Any time the skin barrier is compromised, there is a risk of some kind of infection forming. However, injections create a very small puncture wound. When paired with proper sterilization procedures, the risk of an infection developing is very low. 

           Stem cell therapy like the anti aging doctors Beverly Hills offers phenomenal results when given in injection form. Combined with the procedure’s low-risk profile, it is no surprise that stem cell therapy is becoming more popular every day. Whether you are trying to help a broken bone heal faster or reduce pain caused by osteoarthritis, stem cell therapy is a great step in achieving your goals. Stem cell therapy injections offer patients hope of a better quality of life through a minimally invasive procedure. 


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