What to Consider Before Stem Cell Therapy

What to Consider Before Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy or injections offer treatment for people suffering from diseases like back pain, neurological disorders, or arthritis. The new medical procedure has reinvented the innovative ways of treating chronic pain.

Stem cell injections therapy in Los Angeles is the first treatment for patients that capitalizes on the ability of the body to heal itself.  It is not only a quick procedure but also minimally invasive. It is an exciting development in the medical domain that uses patient’s own cells to treat.

If you’re considering opting for stem cell therapy, you must take into account a few things to reap the benefits of this non-invasive procedure.

Let’s delve into the details to determine the things you need to consider before the treatment.

What to Consider Before Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Injections – What are they

Having complete information about stem cell injections before opting for it is essential to determine how they may or may not benefit you. The cutting edge process uses the healthy stem cells of the body to repair and regenerate diseased tissue.  Stem cell therapy Los Angeles performs this process for various medical conditions. The experts use both embryonic and adult stem cells to treat the patients.

What to Expect from Stem Cells Injections

Stem cell injections are non-invasive procedures that take place in our outpatient surgery center. Patients can expect relief from discomfort and pain in fewer than two weeks.

As mentioned above, stem cell injections are minimally invasive, and doctors can perform the procedure in any outpatient surgery or facility. It is worth mentioning that stem cell injections can only treat an affected area of your body. It is a treatment plan and overall lifestyle change that include physical therapy and an anti-inflammatory diet.

In conjunction with each other, these changes can enhance the body’s mechanics to avoid pain in the future. When doctors perform the procedure in conjunction with physical therapy, the necessary changes can help you improve the mechanics of the body to prevent pain.

What Stem Cell Injections can Treat

Experts use stem cell injections to treat degenerative joint diseases of the shoulder, hip, rotator cuff injuries, and meniscus tears. Stem cell injections are the primary avenue to help patients effectively alleviate pain. There are many variations of this procedure that can help you treat joint abnormalities like knee arthritis.

·         Are You the Candidate for Stem Cell Treatment

If you have early or middle-range degeneration, your doctor may recommend stem cell therapy. However, if you’re a cancer patient or take anticoagulant medication, you might not be eligible for the treatment.

·         Is Stem Cell Treatment Safe

Many recent studies show that stem cell procedure is safe as it uses your own cells to repair damaged tissues. There are no potential side effects of this treatment. But it is essential to seek consultation to determine whether the treatment is the right choice for your medical problem.

Summing Up

All in all, stem cell injections can help you get permanent relief from many types of chronic pains. Thus, you must consider the factors mentioned above to obtain the desired results.

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