What Should You Look For When Considering Regenerative Medicine?

What Should You Look For When Considering Regenerative Medicine?

You have done your research, tried many conservative options that all seem to fail, and now you have decided you are on the quest for regenerative medicine treatment. Initially, the world of regenerative medicine can seem very daunting.  Between platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapy, and all the doctors and facilities who offer regenerative medicine, how can you be sure which one to choose?  Is all regenerative medicine created equal? Does it even matter where you receive treatment from?  Read on to learn the ins and outs of regenerative medicine and how to find the best in the business.

Regenerative medicine cannot be FDA approved because it uses human biologics, which cannot receive FDA approval.  However, the research studies using stem cells can be FDA approved and regulated.  If you are looking for a research study, it is important to find one that has been FDA approved.  In addition, the labs which are used to extract stem cells and platelet-rich plasma should be FDA regulated.  Oftentimes, biologics that are mishandled can end up leading to sub-par results.  Finding a physician that uses a regulated lab is key to getting the best results possible.

If you are using biologics that come from a donor, it is important to ensure the cord bank where the stem cells are stored has an impeccable record.  While uncommon, when it comes to donated stem cells, there is a very small risk of infection or reaction.  Checking with your doctor to ensure the cord bank the office uses has an impeccable and reputable record is key to your safety.  Also, ensuring a small number of preservatives, if any, are used in the stem cell vials is crucial.  Preservatives can kill stem cells, thus rendering the treatment less effective.

In addition to the above, the physician you choose will be key to your treatment’s outcome as well.  There are only a few board-certified doctors who have specialized in regenerative medicine.  Being treated by these physicians allows you to be at the cutting edge of the industry and in the best hands possible.  Finding physicians who use platelet-rich plasma in addition to stem cell therapy can also make a big difference in the outcome of your treatment.  Many studies have shown that using platelet-rich plasma in addition to stem cell therapy helps to boost the results to make them more effective than stem cell therapy alone.

Regenerative medicine is not a one size fits all.  It needs to be tailored to the individual needs of the patient.  In addition, because regenerative medicine is such a new development, there is not a whole lot of regulation that occurs.  Some people claim they are “experts” in stem cell therapy or regenerative medicine, yet do not have any kind of board certification in the specific areas.  Finding a doctor who is board-certified in regenerative medicine, and who takes great care in choosing the cord bank and labs they use, is key to getting the best results.  So, take your time, meet with plenty of doctors, ask questions, and go with the physician you feel most confident has the ability to meet your needs as a patient.

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