What is the process for stem cell therapy for joint pain?

What is the process for stem cell therapy for joint pain?

stem cell therapy for joint pain

Usually, there are four stages of the treatment in stem cell therapy.

Evaluation Phase

You go through a thorough evaluation by a stem cell therapy doctor. Your doctor discusses your symptoms, the severity and frequency of the pain, any factors that trigger or reduce your pain, your lifestyle, and your goals and needs from the therapy.

A comprehensive physical exam is conducted to assess the range of motion of the joint, stability, the nerves, and the blood circulation, in the joint. Most importantly, your doctor will check how the damage to the joints is affecting your gait and overall function. They may review your X-rays or other scans. Then your doctor will design a customized stem cell therapy plan for you that may include how many injections you need and at what frequency and the expected outcomes.

Preparation Phase

You will then receive simple step-by-step instructions to prepare for the process. You may be asked to improve your nutrition and attain a healthy weight. You may be asked to stop medications, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, for a few weeks prior to prevent any interference with the treatment.

Stem Cell Treatment Phase

This is the phase when you receive the stem cells. You will be asked to arrive about 30 minutes prior to your treatment and bring someone along, who can drive you home. A numbing injection may be administered into the receiving joint to reduce the discomfort of stem cell injection. The stem cells are then delivered directly into the joint through a simple injection. You can go home shortly afterwards. You can resume normal, but not strenuous, joint activities within 24-48 hrs.

Post-Care Phase

Some patients (but not all) may be recommended a follow-up platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection to provide the joint with vital growth factors. Most patients need 2-3 months before the damage in their joint starts to improve and you may notice continued improvement for over a year.


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