Using Stem Cells to Manage Wrist & Hand Injuries

Using Stem Cells to Manage Wrist & Hand Injuries

Stem cell therapy is an emerging component of regenerative medicine that shows promise for helping people who struggle with wrist and hand injuries. Stem cells help to regenerate damaged tissue and fight inflammation.

Stem cell therapy is generally well-tolerated and can be useful for a variety of different applications. Seeking therapy at a stem cell clinic Beverly Hills encourages the use of the body’s own healing mechanisms it reduces the need for conventional treatments like medication and surgery.

Why Use Stem Cells for Hand & Wrist Injuries?

The hands and wrists are one of the more complicated components of the human body. Despite being comparatively small, your hands and wrists each contain 27 bones as well as a large number of connected ligaments, joints, nerves, and muscles. Damage to the hands or wrists can be challenging to heal from and may require surgery.

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Even these surgeries can be complex. The sheer number of different components in the hands and wrists can complicate things significantly. Stem cell therapy provides a unique alternative to these treatments.

Stem cells are able to take on the role of nearby cells in the human body. In doing this, they can repair and replenish cellular systems and tissues that have been damaged. By replacing damaged cells they can correct some of the symptoms of various illnesses and injuries.

Issues That May Be Improved With Stem Cells

There are lots of different conditions that might affect the hands and wrists. Some of them are better treated with stem cells than others. Here are a few examples of treatments that have been treated with stem cells.


Arthritis is a degenerative condition that affects the bones and joints. It can cause discomfort and pain, thus restricting the range of motion. Stem cells have effectively been used to treat this inflammation and reduce pain. Stem cells can also replace cartilage lost to arthritis patients.

Stem cell therapy is especially useful for treating arthritis in the wrists or at the base of the thumb in the metacarpal-trapezio joint.

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel is a painful condition in the wrists caused by repetitive motions. Stem cells can help to improve the pain and restore function to the area.

Skier’s Sprain

Chronic thumb sprains are sometimes referred to as skier’s pain. Stem cells can reduce the pain of the condition as well as restore the range of motion to the thumbs.

Ganglion Cyst

Ganglion cysts most commonly occur in the wrists. Stem cells can help to reduce the discomfort of ganglion cysts, and though they are not painful, they can impair your daily movements.

Broken Bones

Stem cell therapy has proven to be useful for helping people manage broken and fractured bones regardless of where they are located. Stem cells can reduce pain and inflammation and help to speed up the healing process.


If you’re interested in treating your hands or wrists at a stem cell clinic Beverly Hills, then you’re in luck. Many painful conditions that affect the hands and wrists can be improved with a single stem cell treatment.

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