Types of Knee Pain Helped By Stem Cell Therapy

Types of Knee Pain Helped By Stem Cell Therapy

Knee pain is a common condition that affects many people throughout the United States. It can be caused by damage to the actual knee joint, or to the soft tissue around the knee joint. Regardless of the cause, knee pain can lead a person to have a greatly diminished quality of life. Unfortunately, surgery is not always capable of fixing knee pain. As a result, many patients turn to alternative therapies because they do not want to experience the risks of surgery without a guaranteed positive result.


Stem cell therapy has become a very common form of alternative medicine for patients who are experiencing a great deal of knee pain. It is particularly effective on patients who are experiencing knee pain due to meniscus tears, knee arthritis, or those patients who are considering knee replacement surgery.


Many people who fall into this category have been living for months and years with knee pain even after trying conservative treatments such as pain killers, physical therapy, and cortisone injections. They are trying to avoid surgery, but know they need more than the conservative treatments their physicians have prescribed.

Arthritis in the knee can lead to stiffness, swelling, and joint pain, all of which ultimately lead to a lessened range of motion in the knee. This is often caused by cartilage that covers the top of the bones being worn down over time. Arthritis is a degenerative disease meaning that once it starts, it continues to get worse as the person ages. Fortunately, stem cell therapy is effective in minimizing the adverse effects of arthritis.


Meniscus tears are another very common cause of knee pain. These are very common in people who play sports or are otherwise active. In many cases, once a person undergoes surgery for a meniscus tear, their knee will never be as strong as it once was. It is for this reason that alternative therapies are keys in allowing for a well-healed meniscus. Stem cell therapy has shown to be very effective for patients who have experienced a torn meniscus. In many cases, these patients can fully heal and go back to playing sports without the need for surgery.


Many people experience a need for knee replacement surgery as they get into older age. Our bodies break down slowly over time. As a result, the weight-bearing joints in our bodies may eventually need to be replaced. However, knee replacement surgery is intense and comes with risks that may not be suitable for people of advanced age. Fortunately, stem cell therapy has been shown to help much of the damage caused that may lead a person to consider knee replacement surgery.


Stem cell therapy is a viable alternative to many current procedures that help with knee pain. This form of therapy is much less invasive and less dangerous than other alternatives. In addition, patients who have undergone stem cell therapy for knee pain have shown tremendous results in their healing process. They experience a better quality of life and can enjoy being pain-free with far less associated risks.


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