Lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow is an injury to the elbow joint characterized by inflammation, degeneration, and tearing. Overuse of the elbow joint places a strain on the tendons and results in a painful injury that generally affects the ability of the individual to use the arms. This is a common injury affecting tennis players; hence the name. Orthopedic experts have explored the potential of stem cell therapy in tennis elbow treatment.

What is the main cause of tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is a condition caused primarily by overuse of the elbow joint. Overuse causes an overload of the tendons in the elbow joint resulting in tendonitis and tendinosis which are inflammatory and degenerative conditions of the joint. It usually affects the dominant hand and in some cases, it affects both arms.

The major symptoms of the condition are outer elbow pain, elbow joint stiffness, swelling of the elbow joint, weak grip, and loss of flexibility in the affected arm. In some cases, this condition is caused by a sudden injury to the elbow. This condition mostly affects people who engage in activities that may cause an overuse of the arms and this includes; tennis players, butchers, golfers, auto-mechanics, manicurists, chefs, musicians, gardeners, and so on.

How do you get tennis elbow to go away?

There are several tennis elbow treatments available for treating the condition. Some people experience recovery after taking a period of rest from the activities that caused the condition. However, in many cases, there may be a need to speed up the recovery process and this can be done using several treatment options.

Some treatment options for tennis elbow include; rest, use of braces, steroid injections, use of pain relief medications, platelet-rich plasma therapy, physical therapy, and so on. Stem cell therapy has also been used with impressive results in many cases. The use of stem cell therapy and super concentrated plasma treatments can be considered the best non-surgical interventions for tennis elbow. Without surgical therapy, it can take about six to eighteen months for the symptoms to disappear. Patients may need to use braces for a while to prevent symptoms during the healing period.

Stem cell therapy for tennis elbow: Is it safe and effective?

Stem cells can renew themselves and adapt to a specific organ or tissue. This unique ability is the reason for several stem cell research works in different areas of medicine. Tennis elbow treatment using stem cell therapy is a simple, safe, quick, and minimally invasive procedure that generally involves drawing blood, taking a sample from the patient’s bone marrow, processing the blood and stem cells, and injecting plasma rich in stem cells and bone marrow content into the affected elbow.

This procedure aims to maximize the body’s self-healing abilities and promote the healing of damaged tissues or structures in the affected elbow. While a lot is still unknown about stem cell therapy for tennis elbow, doctors have used stem cell treatments to achieve great results in many patients with tennis elbow. Stem cell injections have been found to improve pain, joint functions, and radiological features in patients with different types of tendon injuries. The procedure is simple, safe, and may become an effective replacement for surgery in the nearest future. Several researchers suggest that stem cell therapy be considered before surgery as the last option in cases that are unresponsive to non-surgical therapy.

Best Treatment centers to go to in Los Angeles

The use of stem cells to treat tennis elbow is new and the procedure requires expertise and special training. This is why patients must take care to find a reliable treatment center that offers quality services and realistic expectations for treatment. There are stem cell treatment centers in Los Angeles that offer stem cell therapy to treat pain from shoulder to elbow. These treatments aim to improve limb mobility in patients and relieve pain. Some of the treatment options include; stem cell injections for rotator cuff injuries, stem cell therapy for bursitis, and stem cell injections for tennis elbow and other elbow problems.


Patients with different forms of mobility issues affecting the shoulders, elbows, and other joints can go to our stem cell Los Angeles clinic. Advanced Stem Cell is an excellent stem cell clinic that has certified physicians, offer standard services, and gives realistic treatment expectations. All patients should receive information on the procedure and possible outcomes, and all patients should be allowed access to authentic patient reviews about the services rendered to guide them in decision-making.

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