Treating Neck Pain with Stem Cells – San Francisco Stem Cell Therapy

Treating Neck Pain with Stem Cells – San Francisco Stem Cell Therapy

Neck pain can emerge for a number of different reasons. These reasons can be the result of an acute injury or a chronic one. They may also emerge as a result of other conditions whether they’re related directly or indirectly to the neck. Stem cell therapy may be useful for treating all of these conditions if the doctors are aware of them.

Stem cells are very unique in the sense that they have the ability to repair and replace tissues and damaged areas throughout the body. This article will explore how stem cells can be useful for helping to improve neck injuries and pain

Types of Neck Pain

Neck pain can be the result of an acute problem. In these cases, the pain is usually temporary unless there arises from the injury a long-term complication. Other types of injuries can be chronic, caused by an injury or an illness that continues to produce the symptoms and lacks a cure.

San Francisco stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy can be useful for treating either type of pain, but doctors generally recommend the treatment more often for people with chronic pain. Stem cells are more useful for treating chronic conditions because they are able to actually reinforce the strength and integrity of the body by replacing or repairing damaged tissue.

How Do Stem Cells Help With Neck Pain?

There are many different types of stem cells that can be used for treatment.

Embryonic stem cells, derived from human fetuses, are not often used in San Francisco stem cell therapy. Adult stem cells are widely available and are not associated with ethical concerns, and so they are used more often for treating neck pain. Stem cells can be derived from various parts of the human body including bones, fat, and cartilage.

Adult stem cells differ from embryonic stem cells in the sense that they have already adopted their role and as such cannot adopt the role of nearby tissues. Thus doctors must remove cells from the patient’s body and isolate stem cells that are capable of healing the injured neck area.

Among the most common and widely used stem cells for treating neck pain are mesenchymal stem cells, usually derived from the hip.  A centrifuge is used to separate the cells. Once the proper cells are identified they are injected into the problem area – usually the spine or base of the neck – where they can begin to regenerate the damaged tissues.

Does It Work?

Many patients find that a single treatment at a San Francisco stem cell therapy center is enough to provide them with permanent relief. Others prefer to return for second treatments to ensure that their recovery progresses smoothly. In either case, there’s no doubt that the majority of patients who receive stem cell therapy treatments experience immense relief from their neck pain.

Stem cell therapy is considered safe and has few side effects. Most side effects can be attributed to the injection itself: a little bit of soreness, for example, or bruising at the injection site.


There are many different sources of neck pain. Fortunately, stem cell therapy can be useful for helping to reverse many painful conditions that affect the neck. Talk to a San Francisco stem cell therapy doctor to learn more.

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