Chronic shoulder pain is generally defined as shoulder pain that has continued for more than six months and this may be caused by conditions like rotator cuff disorders, adhesive capsulitis, glenohumeral capsulitis, and other chronic shoulder problems or injuries. It is a common condition amongst athletes and the aged and is usually associated with a reduced range of motion in the shoulders. Managing chronic shoulder conditions can prove to be very difficult and may require trying different treatments to achieve some relief. Stem cell therapy for shoulder reviews has shown that stem cell therapy can achieve lasting relief for chronic joint problems including shoulder pain.

What are the causes of chronic shoulder pain?

Chronic shoulder pain can be caused by various conditions that affect the structures making up the shoulder joint. The shoulder joint is made up of three major bones, cartilage, and four tendons. The joint has a wide range of motion and is supported structurally to perform its functions. Any serious injury to the components that make up this delicate but efficient structure can result in shoulder pain that may linger for a long time depending on the severity of the damage.

Injury to the shoulder joint can be sustained during sporting activities, road accidents, or as a result of repetitive stressful use of the joints, aging, infection, or medical conditions that can affect the bones, cartilages, connective tissues, tendons, and so on. The most common cause of chronic shoulder pain is rotator cuff disorder. In some cases, pain may be referred to the shoulder from injuries to other parts of the body.

Some conditions that can cause chronic shoulder pain include; bone spurs, torn cartilage, broken arm bones, spinal cord injury, dislocation, etc.

Stem cell therapy for chronic shoulder pain

The general aim of stem cell therapy for shoulder pain is to reduce inflammation and stimulate the repair of damaged bones, tendons, cartilage, and tendons. The stem cells obtained from a donor are injected into the site of injury to stimulate healing and replace damaged tissues. Stem cells are used because of their unique ability to regenerate, differentiate and modulate immune responses. Stem cells also exert an anti-inflammatory effect which is needed to facilitate healing in the body.

Several stem cell therapy for shoulder reviews reveal that patients who received stem cell therapy for chronic shoulder conditions experienced significant relief within a few weeks of commencing treatment. In some cases, it has served as an alternative to surgical repairs.

The procedure is simple and research has proven that stem cell therapy offers less risk than several other medical and surgical interventions. It has become a more effective treatment for joint problems. Patients who have tried out several options to treat chronic shoulder pain should consider reaching out to the California Stem Cell Institute for further information and possible stem cell treatments for their condition.

What should you expect from stem cell therapy for chronic shoulder pain?

Stem cell therapy is not the answer to every shoulder condition. Before contacting any stem cell clinic, it is recommended that you see a doctor and get a clear picture of the cause of your condition. some conditions may require simple conventional therapies while others may require surgery or stem cell therapy or both.

In a standard stem cell clinic, the doctor will most likely confirm the cause of your shoulder pain by conducting a series of extensive medical examinations and investigations. You will receive a comprehensive breakdown of the situation and a treatment plan that suits your condition. Look out for clinics that offer realistic treatment expectations and offer access to treatment reviews to aid your decision.

Stem cell therapy requires a series of careful and thorough steps, expertise, and state-of-the-art technology. The doctor is expected to obtain your stem cells from your bone marrow or any site chosen for the extraction. The stem cells will be isolated, tested, processed, and administered via injection into specific locations in your shoulder. This procedure can be carried out on an outpatient basis and is minimally invasive. Stem cell therapy results in an improved range of motion, reduced pain, and a return to normal activities within a few weeks of commencing treatment. Your treatment plan will depend on the nature of your condition.

What types of stem cells can be used to treat chronic shoulder pain?

Different types of stem cells have been explored in the treatment of chronic shoulder pain including; bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells, adipose tissue mesenchymal stem cells, umbilical cord stem cells, muscle-derived stem cells, and so on.

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