Stem Cells vs. Other Pain Treatments

Stem Cells vs. Other Pain Treatments

Living a life consumed by pain is not easy and certainly not desirable. Regardless of who we are, where we come from, or what we do, pain is a natural and healthy response to our body’s signals of distress and even danger. Without pain, we wouldn’t be able to heed danger and or respond to injury and the need for rest and healing. At some point in life, everyone will experience pain that puts limitations on what they are able to accomplish and how well they can function on a day-to-day basis.

The Advanced Stem Cell Institute stem cell therapy in Los Angeles understands how difficult it can be for patients to regain life without or with little pain, but with over 7 years of stem cell injection therapy and countless success stories, our regenerative medical therapies can help restore damaged and afflicted tissues in the body. Before recently, pain could be and has only been treated by prescribing medications or invasive procedures that carry great risk and further side effects.

Stem Cells vs Other Pain Treatments

Stem cell therapy in Los Angeles believes in the power of the human body and its beautiful natural responses to injury and disease. The best way for patients to address their painful diagnosis and limitations is through reliance and supplementation of the body’s natural healing processes. Regenerative researchers and specialists have been pushing and developing new therapies for patients that are non-invasive, and do not require enormous amounts of medications. After a major injury or disease diagnosis, patients are often left to their own devices to deal with their symptoms, and doctors, to no fault of their own, have little to offer.

Before they know it, patient’s lives are consumed by revolving doors of hospitals and doctors’ appointments, or pain management specialists who only have more medication to offer. Before long, the body is consumed by chemicals that numb or drown out real biological healing processes that the body is trying to orchestrate, and unfortunately, in most cases, medications eventually create more issues and side effects that restrict and confuse the body’s ability to heal.

Being reliant on more medications confuses the body and the brain, making the patient’s ability to fight injury and disease superficial and more difficult. The Advanced Stem Cell Institute stem cell therapy Bay Area believes the best way for patients to regain a life of little to no pain relies on the beautiful and astonishing abilities that are already existent inside the body.


Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have the ability to become specialized based on the location of the injury and have the ability to replace damaged cells and tissues of almost any type to stimulate the body’s natural process of healing. In this way, new cells replace the damaged ones, replicate, and reduce inflammation, which is the leading cause of almost all painful injury and disease. Oftentimes patients are given only two options, highly invasive surgery and in every case, medication regimens whether before or after surgery that cause a myriad of issues.

Unfortunately, these are not long-term or natural responses that the body responds well to. Stem cell and regenerative medicine therapy, a healthy diet, and daily exercise have recently gained notoriety for treating patients living with chronic pain. By relying on and utilizing the body’s natural healing processes, patients are more easily able to reduce pain and regain their vigor for life.

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