Stem Cells for Shoulder and Elbow Pain

Stem Cells for Shoulder and Elbow Pain

Shoulder and elbow pain is very common in aging adults.  As advances in modern medicine allow humans to live longer, we see more and more problems with bone-related pain in aging adults.  At times, this pain can be debilitating and greatly affect the quality of life.  Previously, the only way to treat bone pain was through surgery.  Recovery times could be long and oftentimes, the surgery did not effectively relieve pain.  Fortunately, as medicine has advanced, stem cell therapy can be used to treat shoulder and elbow pain so patients can have a better quality of life.

Shoulder and elbow pain and lead to immobility and thus, greatly alter a person’s day to day activities.  Stem cell therapy can be used to help shoulder pain, bursitis, rotator cuff injuries, and elbow problems.  Facilities such as the Advanced Stem Cell Institute specialize in helping patients live life pain-free through the use of stem cells.  Each person’s body is different and reacts to treatments in different ways.  For this reason, the Advanced Stem Cell Institute takes an individualized and personalized approach to treating elbow and should pain through stem cells and has shown very good results in their patients.


Rotator cuff injuries are very common, especially in athletes.  Fortunately, stem cell injections have been shown to help with these injuries.  The rotator cuff’s main job is to stabilize the shoulder joint.  When an injury occurs, it can lead to a destabilized shoulder joint.  This leads to lessened functionality and increased pain.  Stem cell injections can help the body heal which leads to better movement and range of motion, along with reduced pain.

Bursitis is another common ailment seen as people age.  Bursitis occurs when the fluid-filled sac around each joint becomes inflamed.  It is a very painful illness and can greatly reduce a person’s day to day activities.  The recovery time of bursitis is typically long.  Fortunately, stem cells have been shown to help speed up the healing process.

Elbow pain is also a debilitating condition.  Tennis elbow is often caused by people who repeat the same motion over and over.  Weakness and swelling are the common symptoms which lead to significant pain.  Stem cell injections in the elbow can help promote healing and lessen inflammation and thus pain in the area.  This allows people to get back to their normal day to day lives.

Anyone who suffers from elbow or shoulder pain may be a candidate for stem cell therapy.  While stem cell therapy is not a guarantee at a pain-free life, many patients find their pain is significantly reduced after undergoing therapy.  In addition, they also find they have a greater range of motion which allows for normal use of the elbow or shoulder.  While anyone with shoulder or elbow pain can be a candidate, different treatment plans will be needed for different people.  Facilities such as the Advanced Stem Cell Institute offer consultation meetings to decide the best course of stem cell therapy to treat whatever shoulder or elbow pain is currently stopping patients from living their best and fullest lives.

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