Stem Cell Treatment for Hip Pain

Stem Cell Treatment for Hip Pain

One part of the body that’s mostly very stable is the hip, and this is because it can withstand a good level of stress over a long period of time. The hip is part of the joint that allows people to walk, run and jump properly without feeling any level of pain. However, the hip pain comes in when the joint is overused or exposed to a heavy or continuous fall.

Why the hip is an important part of the body

The hip joint is one of the most flexible joints in the body and it comes in a ball-and-socket form. It is responsible for bearing the body’s weight and allows for a wide range of motion while standing, walking, and jumping. The cup-like acetabulum is what forms the socket, the rounded head of the femur forming into the ball. The joint is also surrounded by a number of tough ligaments and muscles that help prevent dislocation.

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What conditions can be treated with stem cell treatment for hips?

Hip pain can be an incapacitating condition that can lead to other forms of injuries and health conditions. There are a number of traditional treatment options that can be used to treat mild to moderate levels of hip pain. They include rest, ice and physical therapy. However, they may not be effective enough for a severe level of hip pain. For that reason, you may require the non-surgical option of the stem cell hip treatment that can help to ease the level of pain. Stem cell treatment for hips can provide pain relief and tissue regeneration for the following:

  • Osteonecrosis
  • Arthritis
  • Tendon injuries
  • Ligament injuries, and
  • Fractures

How stem cell hip treatment is performed

A stem cell hip treatment offers a feasible treatment option for anyone suffering from chronic hip pain and discomfort who would rather not have hip surgery. With the use of a non-surgical injection into the patient’s autologous own stem cells, the body will on its own heal and regenerate without the need for risky or painful surgery.

Autologous stem cells have the same benefits as embryonic stem cell treatment and don’t contain any ethical concerns or potential risks. Autologous stem cell treatments are particularly great for hips because not only are they very effective, they’re also safe because the patient will use their own “pluripotent” stem cells. This way, the risk of infection is cut down with this procedure.

With a stem cell hip treatment, a stem cell therapy doctor in Los Angeles can withdraw the patient’s autologous stem cells from inside the bone marrow, typically through the iliac pelvic bone. Then, the pluripotent stem cells are collected with platelets and white blood cells that will be reinjected directly into the injured hip tissue to speed up the healing process.

If you’re currently experiencing a severe level of hip pain and need stem cell injections therapy in Los Angeles, you should visit the Advanced Stem Cell Institute today.

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