Stem Cell Therapy: Treatment For Elbow Tennis Pain

Stem Cell Therapy: Treatment For Elbow Tennis Pain

The elbow tennis pain is such a serious condition that may require treatment ranging from medication to a surgical operation. However, somewhere between these options is an alternative treatment for elbow tennis pain that’s provided through the use of stem cell therapy. In situations where the pain is serious, rather than undergoing a surgical operation, stem cell therapy is a viable option that may help to solve the pain permanently, even without going for an invasive procedure.

Elbow tennis is a condition that occurs at the elbow, and one that causes so much pain that radiates down to the forearm and wrist from the elbow, thereby making day-to-day activities hard to perform. It’s typically caused by recurring motions in the elbow, which will stress the tendons and cause pain.

Although it’s rampant amongst athletes, anyone that engages in repetitive motions that involve the elbow has a chance of developing this condition. It’s a condition that ranges, and while some can get rid of it with medications or ice, some others may need to go as far as getting other complicated forms of treatments.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Symptoms of the elbow tennis are quite similar in most patients because of how peculiar it is to that part of the body –the elbow. However, the general symptoms of the elbow tennis pain include;

  • Pain that’s found roughly 1 to 2 cm down from the bony protrusion on the outer part of the elbow.
  • Weakness in the muscles, specifically around the wrist and the forearm.
  • Painful experience trying to grip objects like door handles or hands of other people for handshakes.

These symptoms will typically develop gradually and over time, occasionally flare up into a much worse situation.

A physical therapist will usually perform a number of explicit assessment tests on a patient to help diagnose the elbow tennis pain. Some of these diagnoses include;

  • Resisted wrist extension

Resisted wrist extension is an attempt to extend the wrist against resistance. If this test turns out to be positive, it’ll mean that symptoms are present.

  • Resisted middle finger extension

Resisted middle finger extension is typically the most sensitive tennis elbow test, and a positive result will mean that symptoms are present.

  • Mills maneuver

Mills maneuver test is performed to check for nerve involvement and can be an indication that treatment for elbow tennis pain is required.

  • Palpation technique

It’s also possible for a physical therapist to feel the outside area of the elbow to be able to identify the tender areas.

Is Stem Cell Therapy for you?

The category of treatment that you employ for your elbow tennis pain will depend on the severity of your elbow tennis condition. For those with minor elbow tennis pain or those at the early stage of the condition, the option of over-the-counter pain medication and icing the elbow may be great to ease the pain. However, as the severity advances, you may require other extreme measures. Surgery is usually the last resort.

Nevertheless, there’s another option and it may just be the solution to this painful condition. Stem cell therapy is an effective treatment for elbow tennis pain because it aims at repairing the damaged cells that are triggering the pain you feel. These stem cells promote the formation of new and healthier cells, causing the damaged ones to die out.

Stem cell therapy may be an option for you when you’re suffering from elbow tennis pain if you’re looking for a more efficient and safer alternative to surgery. Otherwise, consult your doctor to know if the over-the-counter medication can easily help to alleviate the shoulder elbow pain.

Getting the Right Professionals

If you have been suffering from elbow tennis pain, there are different options available to you that can help to ensure that you don’t suffer any longer. One of the most important steps to take is ensuring that you consult seasoned professionals so as to ensure that the process is a seamless and effective one.

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