Stem Cell Therapy in Sports Medicine

Stem Cell Therapy in Sports Medicine

Doctors are now utilizing stem cell therapy to treat sports injuries. In fact, the popularity of stem cell therapy is rapidly increasing in sports medicine.

Stem cells are able to divide and develop or differentiate into different types of cells with specialized functions, for instance, a bone, cartilage, or tendon cell.

This potential of stem cells has made it possible for this therapy to be used to heal sports injuries. Tendons, muscles, cartilage, and tendons are common sports injuries, often due to overuse or direct trauma. Stem cells, when injected into the area, can transform into healthy cells to replace damaged tissue in the affected area.

How is stem cell therapy performed?

Stem cells are injected directly into the injured area to promote healing. The injection is often administered using ultrasound for accurate placement of the stem cells.

How are stem cells obtained?

When an athlete is injured, stem cells may be extracted from the athlete’s own bone marrow, blood, or adipose (fat) tissue.

The stem cells from bone marrow are extracted by inserting a special needle into the pelvic bone and drawing out marrow with a syringe. This is done under the effect of a local anesthetic.

Stem cells can also be obtained from the blood with a blood draw on the patient him/herself.

Liposuction can yield stem cells from fat tissue.

Stem cells obtained from adults are known as mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). These stem cells are becoming more and more common to treat sports injuries.

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