Stem Cell Therapy in California: Form Your Expectations

Stem Cell Therapy in California: Form Your Expectations

California is one of the 6 states that support stem cell-based treatments and research. In fact, CIRM (Institute for Regenerative Medicine) approved or voted for proposition 71. The purpose of this proposition was to support and accelerate the mission of stem cell treatment for people with different medical needs.

Many medical companies and academic centers focus on various stem cell methods. It can allow for improved diagnosis, drugs, and transplantation.

For instance, the San Francisco stem cell treatment center has a goal to support each research program focused on developing cures. Stem cell therapy is a non-invasive, safe, same-day process that takes patients’ a few hours.  San Francisco stem cell allows you to experience potential benefits.

If you’re considering undergoing stem cell therapy in California, learning about what it is and what you can expect can help you make an educated decision.

stem cell therapy in California

Stem Cell Therapy in California

Stem cell therapy uses the blood of the patient to stimulate the body’s natural healing process.  If an area of your body suffers from damage or injury, stem cell experts send platelets and white blood cells to this part, initiating a healing process.

Platelets have an adequate number of stem cell fragments sourced from the bone marrow.  These rich stem cell fragments contain particular factors to stimulate the growth of healthy tissues.

Precisely, stem cells activate DNA and regenerate healthy tissue. The process plays a vital role in repairing cells.  When injected into the affected area, these harvested body platelets stimulate the body’s natural healing process.

Is the Treatment Safe

Stem cell therapy in California has gained immense popularity. Surgeons and physicians consider it an excellent way to start the natural healing process without undergoing incisions. A bulk of clinical studies shows that besides being non-invasive, the process also causes minimal risks.

What to Expect

Stem cell therapy is mostly non-invasive. But the part of the body receiving the injection may become sore for four to five days after administering the injections.  The pain is minimal and gradually decreases within one week. As the healing process progresses, the pain goes away completely.

Once you undergo treatment, your health professional will encourage you to participate in light exercise. In fact, it is better to take on different normal activities after stem cell therapy.

chronic pain

However, you should avoid high-impact exercises such as heavy lifting or activities similar to it for at least ten to twenty days after therapy.

Your therapist will tell you when you can perform this level of activity.  He/she will also guide you about the treatment options you can rely on to alleviate or reduce any uneasiness or soreness in the meantime.

Summing Up

All in all, stem cell therapy in California is one of the most sought-after treatments to alleviate chronic pain and several other diseases. It is a short medical procedure that uses your own body cells to stimulate healing.

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