Stem Cell Therapy and Sports Injuries in California: It Works!

Stem Cell Therapy and Sports Injuries in California: It Works!

?Every event or game missed is an opportunity lost for professional athletes. Thus, sportsmen look to the domain of regenerative medicine to help them get back onto the field sooner. You may have heard of many prominent sportsmen who chose stem cell therapy to treat their musculoskeletal conditions.

Stem cell clinic Beverly Hills helps athletes alleviate or reduce post-injury downtime using advanced regenerative medicine. Stem cell treatment is a noninvasive method. It means athletes opting for it don’t have to undergo major surgeries for career-threatening injuries.

The versatility of this noninvasive treatment allows sportsmen to recover from a variety of sports-related injuries. Knee pain treatment Beverly Hills, for instance, improves outcomes of therapy and accelerates the time to recover and return to the field.

Stem Cell Therapy and Sports Injuries

Why Athletes Use Stem Cell Therapy for Sports Injuries

Many high-profile sportsmen have turned to the raging trend of stem cell therapy to get rid of their lingering conditions. You may have read many sports articles on sportsmen traveling to different countries for exclusive treatment.

As there is a high risk in their nature of work, many professional athletes are often willing to try experimental and non-standard procedures to speed up rehabilitation. This is why stem cell therapy or regenerative medicine has received a significant amount of attention in the past few years.

Peyton Manning– a famous American footballer, opted for stem cell therapy for his injured neck one season before he won his final championship. The therapy involved injecting Peyton’s fat cells into the neck to repair his damaged tissues.

There are several other examples of athletes like Manning who could restore their ability to return to daily functions or play on the field after successful stem cell treatment.

How Stem Cell Therapy Benefits Sports Injuries?

Stem cell therapy is a non-standardized treatment that makes the benefits of this therapy controversial. However, a bulk of evidence suggests that stem cell therapy, when used for sports injury, can yield plenty of benefits.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Sports Injuries

  • Faster healing from the sports injury
  • Decreased injury inflammation and prevention of inflammation in future
  • Regeneration of damaged tissue, such as cartilage, bone, ligament, and tendon tissue

Types of Sports Injuries You can Use Stem Cells For?

You can use stem cell treatment for both overuse and acute sports injuries. Precisely, you can use this advanced treatment to address damage to your ligaments, cartilage, tendons, and muscles.

Common sports injuries that stem cells can treat include;

  • Shin splints
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • ACL tear
  • Strains and sprains
  • Runner’s knee
  • Tennis elbow

Summing Up

Overall, sports put a lot of strain on your body and can increase the risk for injuries. Stem cell therapy, thus, is an effective treatment to help you speed up recovery from any sports injury while protecting future complications.

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