Stem Cell Therapy – Alternative to Conventional Chronic Pain Treatments

Stem Cell Therapy – Alternative to Conventional Chronic Pain Treatments

Adult stem cells possess the ability to improve and possibly even reverse the effects of chronic pain as a result of tissue damage. This makes regenerative stem cell medicine an excellent alternative to the opioid crisis in America.

Adult stem cells are found and can be harvested from a patient’s own tissues, such as adipose (fat) tissue and bone marrow. Fat or adipose tissue is one of the most abundant sources of stem cells in the adult.

During a simple and safe outpatient procedure, stem cells can easily be harvested from the person’s own fat tissue, under local anesthesia. Once the cells have been extracted from the tissue, they can then be injected into the site of damage or injury. The procedure is safe, painless, ethical and legal, and causes minimal discomfort.

Since the stem cells have been derived from the patient’s own body, there is barely any risk of rejection or infection.

Many of the patients who were prescribed opioids to manage pain have undergone autologous stem cell therapy for degenerative diseases and injuries. Positive patient results from physician-based treatments prove the success and the enormous regenerative potential of stem cell therapy in chronic pain treatment.

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