Sports Injuries and Stem Cell Therapy

Sports Injuries and Stem Cell Therapy

Anyone who follows their favorite team or athlete knows the sorrow when a star player suffers a serious injury. In some cases, the entire team dynamic may fall apart. While sports injuries can bench the best athletes, such injuries can be debilitating for you.


Whether open or arthroscopic, surgery is serious. Traditional open surgery requires cutting through the skin and tissues to reach the damage and repair it. Arthroscopic surgery uses smaller incisions to insert finer instruments and repair the damage. Regardless of which option you take, surgery is invasive with painful, long recovery times. In addition, once a tissue is cut or removed, the affected part can never regain its former effectiveness.

For example, a dislocated shoulder requires 3-6 months to recover and even then, movement is limited, and a full recovery can take up to a year.

For athletes, sports injuries could end a profitable and enjoyable career. Slow recovery and the likelihood of re-injury also increase with every surgical procedure.

Stem Cell Therapy is the Answer

There is a better treatment available now, for an injured athlete, so that they can recover and return to the game faster and more effectively. Regenerative medicine treatments, such as PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and autologous (derived from own body) stem cell therapies, allow cartilage, bone tissue, muscle tissue, and tendons to regenerate faster. Autologous adipose stem cells are helping patients with osteoarthritis, meniscal tears, and tendon injuries.

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