San Francisco Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis

San Francisco Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis

Arthritis plagues a vast number of individuals who unfortunately succumb to the pain. Medications, physical therapy, and the notion that the arthritis will never leave are what many resort to and believe as a way of life.

But there is help for your arthritis and stem cell therapy may be a viable treatment as well as long-term solution for you.

Experts continue to research ways to use stem cells to treat arthritis in the knee as well as other areas and joints of the body.

At San Francisco’s Advanced Stem Cell Institute, you will find the latest technologies as well as the most cutting-edge procedures for stem cell therapy for arthritis. The medical team there stands ready to help you with ground-breaking technology as well as stem cell therapy procedures to help treat your debilitating arthritis.

Why Stem Cell Therapy For Arthritis?

Stem cells are throughout the body and serve as cells that can divide as well as duplicate themselves. They are also cells that can morph into different kinds of cells. Although a stem cell doesn’t benefit the body, it is a cell that can develop into a cell that does.

During the stem cell therapy procedure to treat arthritis, the stem cells are generally delivered through an injection directly upon the arthritic area or joint of the body. Medical imaging, ultrasounds, or other imagery is used during the delivery of the stem cells to the arthritic joint.

Fromrheumatoid arthritis to osteoarthritis, stem cell therapy gives hope to individuals suffering with various forms of arthritis while helping the body to repair itself.

For arthritis patients, enough progress has been made in cell transplant therapy that autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI), a cell transplant therapy using the patient’s own cells, is now widely used to replace cartilage between joints.”

Your San Francisco Stem Cell Therapy Clinic to Treat Your Arthritis

Your arthritis diagnosis may be called many things, but the pain you suffer with on a daily basis is debilitating and affects many aspects of your life.

San Francisco’s Advanced Stem Cell Institute has over seven years of administering cutting-edge and successful stem cell therapy for the treatment of your arthritis and they look to assist you.

The medical professionals there will assess your needs as well as your arthritic condition and devise a stem cell therapy plan and treatment that will enable you to live a pain-free life.

From aching joints to knees that hurt as well as crack when bended, you’ve suffered long enough.

It’s time to let the medical professionals at San Francisco’s Advanced Stem Cell Institute help you live a life free from arthritis with affordable and effective stem cell therapy. 

Contact San Francisco’s Advanced Stem Cell Institute today, for your consultation and begin a life free from arthritis!

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