Lower Body Pain Benefits From Stem Cell Therapy

Lower Body Pain Benefits From Stem Cell Therapy

Lower body pain can be caused by a variety of different factors. Regardless of the cause, lower body pain can make day to day life very difficult. When our lower body is functioning correctly, we rarely think about it. However, when our lower body is in pain, it can prevent us from living our daily lives as we usually do. Fortunately, stem cell therapy is a minimally invasive procedure that can help people suffering from lower body pain. Below are some of the more common lower body conditions that can benefit from stem cell therapy.


Hip Pain

           Hip pain is a major complaint amongst people, especially as they age. Many people believe they must learn to deal with pain as a part of aging. However, that is not the case. Oftentimes, hip pain is caused by normal wear and tear on the body. Over time, the cushioning between joints wears down, and patients begin to feel pain. While this is a normal part of the aging process, there are ways to minimize or eliminate the pain associated with the wear and tear of the hip joint.

           The main conditions that lead to hip pain include hip arthritis, hip necrosis, hip labrum tears, and bursitis of the hip. All of these conditions can cause extreme pain which makes it difficult for a person to walk, run, make it to work, or play with their children and grandchildren. It can also stop people from attending social functions which can affect the quality of life. 

           Fortunately, stem cell therapy greatly benefits people suffering from hip pain. In many cases, these patients would normally eventually resort to more invasive procedures such as a total hip replacement. However, these invasive procedures can be dangerous and pose a significant risk to the patient. However, stem cell therapy allows these patients to experience pain relief without undergoing an invasive procedure. Many patients who undergo stem cell therapy for hip pain can avoid surgery for the pain in the future.


Knee Pain

           Knee pain is another common cause of lower body pain. The knee is a hinge joint which primarily allows for moving forward and backward and minimal rotational movement. As a result, active patients will often experience some kind of knee injury. Over time, these injuries can lead to chronic knee pain later on in life. Even without injury, chronic knee pain is common due to normal wear and tear over the years.

           The most common causes of knee pain include knee arthritis and meniscus tears. Traditionally, patients who were suffering from severe arthritis or tears would undergo knee replacement surgery. While this can help to ease pain, many patients would still report chronic knee pain. In addition, it is an invasive procedure that poses a significant risk to the patient. Stem cell therapy has allowed a new minimally invasive procedure to be an option for these patients. Stem cell therapy addresses the underlying problems, poses very little risk to the patient, and helps many patients avoid knee replacement surgery altogether.




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