How Your Body Heals Itself?

How Your Body Heals Itself?

Whether it is wear-and-tear during exercise, a surgery or an injury, the body continually regenerates tissues. Without this tissue regeneration, your body would wear away quickly. Tissue regeneration involves stem cells. Read on to find out how tissue regeneration occurs and the role stem cells plays in your healing!

Tissue Regeneration

Tissue regeneration refers to repair or replacement of damaged or disease-affected tissues. For this the body may –

  • induce proliferation of the pre-existing cells close to the injured area
  • induce migration of cells from non-injured areas
  • reduce the loss of proliferating cells through differentiation and apoptosis

Can Tissue Regeneration be accelerated?

Tissue regeneration can be encouraged with targeted therapy to utilize the body’s full potential for self-healing.

Stem cells can not only renew themselves, but also differentiate into several other types of cells, thereby becoming a great tool to treat diseases and injuries. They are abundantly present in the human body in the bone marrow and can also be derived from amniotic tissue.

Are you a candidate for Tissue Regeneration with Stem Cell Therapy?

To understand if you can experience healing and pain relief through natural, effective stem cell therapy, seek medical evaluation at a reputed stem cell institute. A specialist will assess your symptoms, chronic condition and goals for the future. If you are a candidate for stem cell therapy, treatment will begin right away.

To learn more about stem cell therapy and treatment for neurological disorders and chronic pain, such as hand wrist pain or hip and knee pain, call Advanced Stem Cell Institute in Encino and Beverly Hills, CA at 760-878-7136 today!

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