How to Deal With Severe Neck and Back Pain

How to Deal With Severe Neck and Back Pain

Pain in the neck or back area can be mild, dull, persistent, severe, or even disabling. Depending on the level of pain you’re experiencing, the pain may limit the movement in that area which may, in turn, interfere with the normal functioning of your body and daily activities. The neck is one of the most unprotected parts of the body and is usually at risk of injury.

However, irrespective of the level of pain you feel in these parts of your body, it’s important to manage or treat them so they don’t escalate into a life-changing condition.

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Causes of neck and back pain

Different situations may lead to these pains, and some of them include;

  • Improper or overuse,
  • Trauma, injury, and fractures,
  • Aging,
  • Infections,
  • Abnormal growth,
  • Obesity,
  • Muscle weakness and tension,
  • Sprain or strain,
  • Ligament tears,
  • Joint problems, etc.

Complications of neck and back pain

Symptoms associated with chronic neck pain include:

  • A dull or burning pain in your back can either be limited to a single spot or the entire area.
  • A stiffening feeling around the spine leads down to the neck zone.
  • A sharp pain spreads from your low back down to the back of your thigh and leads right into your toes.
  • A consistent ache in the middle part of your back after standing for a while.

When these different levels of pain persist for that 3 months, it is then referred to as chronic or severe pain and shouldn’t be left unattended. Other symptoms include:

  • Headaches,
  • Shoulder pain,
  • Arm numbness or tingling, or
  • Dull ache in your neck.

How to treat neck and back pain

Adequate rest and over-the-counter medicines like ibuprofen can help manage the discomfort especially when it’s mild. However, for chronic and severe conditions, you may have to go further and do the following;

  • Hot or cold packs applications as advised,
  • Exercises such as stretching and flexing, or as far as physical therapy,
  • Aerobic exercise for overall fitness and strength,
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines or muscle relaxants,
  • Brace or corset for extra support,
  • Shots for pain relief in the area,
  • Nerve block,
  • Acupuncture,
  • Osteopathic manipulation,
  • Stem cell therapy

How stem cell therapy helps to deal with neck and back pain

Stem cell therapy with the current and improving promise of regenerating tissues shows major potential for spine care. It’s a non-surgical solution to treating neck and back pain disease.

The primary role of stem cell therapy is to replace damaged cells to stimulate tissue regeneration. In the degenerative spine, stem cells could aid by decreasing inflammation, developing into bone or disc cells, and replacing damaged tissue with a new matrix.

Ultimately, stem cells are introduced to replace damaged cells, such as in a spinal cord injury, which can optimistically regenerate or repair the nerves.

If you’re currently experiencing a severe amount of neck or back pain, and you need stem cell therapy in the Bay Area, you should reach out to us today to book an appointment.

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