How Does Platelet Rich Plasma Affect Stem Cell Therapy?

How Does Platelet Rich Plasma Affect Stem Cell Therapy?

           When it comes to regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy tends to take the spotlight. Between its high success rate, speed of the procedure, and minimal risk to patients, it has come onto the scene as a “miracle treatment” that can help people suffering from a wide variety of ailments. While all of this is true, the spotlight that is shined on stem cell therapy often prevents people from learning about other regenerative therapies that can make a huge difference in the lives of patients. One of these therapies is platelet-rich plasma. In addition, most people do not realize that stem cell therapy becomes even more effective when used in conjunction with platelet-rich plasma. 


           Platelet-rich plasma therapy is performed by injecting a patient with a concentrated form of their own platelets. This helps to speed up the healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints. Platelet-rich plasma therapy uses the patient’s own healing system to increase the speed at which an injury is healed. On its own, platelet-rich plasma can improve a patient’s ailment. However, when combined with stem cell therapy, the effects are amplified. 

           On their own, stem cells can help to improve various ailments. They do this by differentiating into whatever type of cell is needed by the body. If a patient is suffering from cartilage breaking down in the knee, stem cells can differentiate into chondrocytes and help to replenish damaged or lost cartilage. If the patient is having neurological problems such as multiple sclerosis, stem cells can help to repair damaged myelin sheaths and prevent the damage from worsening, thus reducing symptoms. 


           While stem cell therapy is effective on its own, it can get an added boost when used in combination with platelet-rich plasma. Stem cell therapy allows healing to occur that normally may not. Platelet-rich plasma increases the speed of healing. Therefore, the combination of the two allows for specialized healing to occur more quickly. Since it is a new therapy, many patients who resort to stem cell therapy have tried other treatment options with no improvement in symptoms. This could be weeks, months, or years of living in pain and having a diminished quality of life. Therefore, once patients try stem cell therapy, they are eager to achieve quick results. Platelet-rich plasma therapy can help to speed up the healing process. 


           It is important to visit a regenerative medicine specialist such as the stem cell doctor Los Angeles because these physicians are well versed in the pros and cons of regenerative medicine therapies. In addition, they know what regenerative therapies are available to patients aside from stem cells. Using platelet-rich plasma in addition to stem cell therapy can greatly benefit all patients. In addition to having healing properties on its own, platelet-rich plasma therapy can help to boost the phenomenal benefits of stem cell therapy. With these two forms of regenerative medicine working in combination, patients will begin to feel better in no time. This gives patients hope after so much time living with a diminished quality of life. 

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