Hip Bursitis Treatment with Stem Cell Therapy

Hip Bursitis Treatment with Stem Cell Therapy

Bursitis of the hip is a condition that affects many people.  Hip bursitis occurs when the fluid-filled sac in the hip becomes inflamed, thus causing pain.  There are a variety of different causes of hip bursitis such a strain, trauma to the hip, and repetitive activities.  The pain caused by hip bursitis can be debilitating and greatly affect the quality of life.  Fortunately, stem cells are a viable treatment option for those suffering from hip bursitis pain.

There are two types of hip bursitis: trochanteric bursitis and ischial bursitis.  With trochanteric bursitis, people typically experience pain on the outside of the hip.  This can make sleeping difficult, and it typically worsens with exercise or walking.  Ischial bursitis causes pain in the buttock area and worsens after sitting for long periods.  This can make working at some jobs difficult.


Previously, the only treatments available for hip bursitis included ice, resting the area, physical therapy, medication to reduce pain, surgery, and draining the fluid if there was enough to be aspirated.  Often, these treatments did not work well or restrict the patient from their normal daily activities.  However, stem cell treatment is now a viable treatment option for patients suffering from hip bursitis.

Hip bursitis treatment of stem cells typically requires a series to stem cell injections into the hip.  Stem cells work by helping the body to repair itself.  When injected into the hip of a patient with hip bursitis, stem cells can differentiate into cells that help repair damaged tissue.  This encourages new healthy tissue in the hip to grow and replace the diseased tissue.  Stem cell injections also help to reduce inflammation in the hip, which can significantly help reduce pain.

Stem cell injections do not work immediately.  Typically, patients can expect to see results in two to six weeks and will require a series of injections.  While results may not be seen immediately, stem cell injections offer the opportunity for the patient to heal one day fully.  This will not happen in all patients but is a possibility with certain patients.  For those patients who do not heal completely, they will still see significant pain reduction and therefore, better movement and quality of life.

As is true with most treatments, stem cell therapy is most effective when combined with other forms of treatment such as physical therapy.  Often, patients suffering from hip bursitis will find the muscles around the hip have atrophied due to lack of use caused by pain.  Stem cell injections can help the area heal to reduce pain, and physical therapy can help the patient regain his or her strength.

Stem cell therapy has offered a much better treatment option for patients suffering from hip bursitis.  Now, patients can use stem cell therapy when all other therapies have failed as opposed to surgery.  Surgery comes with many risks, including the risk that the surgery may not eliminate pain.  Stem cell therapy has worked wonders for patients with hip bursitis, and it provides patients with yet another non-invasive treatment option on their path to rehabilitation.

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