Can You Undergo Stem Cell Therapy While Pregnant?

Can You Undergo Stem Cell Therapy While Pregnant?

There are millions of women who are pregnant every year in the United States alone.  While the goal of all pregnant women is to be as healthy as possible during conception, unfortunately, some women do suffer from various ailments before pregnancy or develop them during pregnancy like gestational diabetes or high blood pressure.

Whether dealing with a pre-existing condition, or a condition brought on by pregnancy, pregnant women must be very careful in which medications and therapies they use since everything go straight to the unborn baby.  A big question many pregnant women have who are suffering from various ailments is whether or not they can undergo stem cell therapy.

While pregnant women are some of the strongest people alive due to their ability to grow a human life, they are also carrying some of the move vulnerable, their unborn children.  As a result, when a woman becomes pregnant, many of the things she once used without a second thought, like various foods and medications, are put on hold.  Particularly, if a woman was suffering from pain prior to the pregnancy, whether caused by arthritis, disc degeneration, or injury, she may have a very difficult time coping without some form of pain medication.  While many women are cleared to use various pain medications while pregnant, they choose not to in the event they are one of the few pregnancies that are negatively affected.

Being pregnant wreaks havoc on the body.  Hormones are all over the place, extra weight is put on, and it feels like an emotional roller coaster.  Now remove medications and treatments women are used to using without offering any form of replacement.  It can be a very difficult time for the woman experiencing the pregnancy.  Fortunately, stem cell therapy offers a viable solution.  Stem cell therapy injects biologics that are naturally found in the body, therefore, at very little risk to the pregnancy.

In addition, there have been studies that show stem cell therapy may be able to help with pregnancy complications in certain situations.  Therefore, women who are suffering from diabetes, arthritis, or various other complications and do not want to take any form of medication, may now have an alternative.  This is a revolutionary change in the field of maternal and fetal medicine.

At the end of the day, while pregnant women are strong, they have still considered an at-risk population due to the vulnerable fetus they are carrying.  As a result, many pregnant women choose to forego medicine altogether while they are pregnant.  While stem cell therapy and pregnancy are still being understood, much of the research shows it is a safe alternative for traditional medications.  In addition, as more studies are being done, there is hope that stem cell therapy can help with various pregnancy and fetal conditions without the use of traditional medication.

However, every pregnancy is different.  If you are pregnant and considering stem cell therapy, be sure to consult your regenerative medicine doctor and your ob/GYN for clearance before you begin therapy. Stem cell therapy has been shown to be effective for a wide range of ailments.  There is no telling what conditions it can help in the future.

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