Can Stem Cell Therapy Cure Knee Arthritis?

Can Stem Cell Therapy Cure Knee Arthritis?

As we age, many of us will notice our joints start to make odd sounds. That now familiar cracking and creaking may often be normal – but in some people might indicate that start of a more serious, insidious problem. Research now suggests that almost 1 in 10 Americans suffers from arthritis. This chronic and painful condition is not the same as simply an achy joint – its a long term condition that is progressive in nature. This means the pain usually gets worse and worse. For many Americans, they find their family practitioner helpful at first but unable to relieve their pain over the long term. This is because these doctors do not have the specialist knowledge to deal with knee pain effectively. We’ve put together a helpful guide on knee pain and knee arthritis to guide you around the different treatment options.


What is arthritis?


Arthritis simply means inflammation of a joint and can be caused by a whole host of different conditions. Usually when people say “arthritis” they mean osteoarthritis (ie wear and tear arthritis or degenerative arthritis). This usually occurs as we get older because the spongy material known as cartilage is slowly worn away during our lives. Once this spongy material is gone, the joint (eg the knee) becomes irritated and inflamed when the two bones rub against each other. If this occurs enough the bone may remodel and form small bony spurs, which when rubbed by other bone are very painful.


How do I know if I have Arthritis?


If you think you have arthritis, it is best to go to see a doctor to get a diagnosis. However, symptoms will often include a dull aching pain that is worse after activity and relieved by rest.


Can Stem cell Therapy Cure Knee Arthritis?


There are some recent studies that suggest that knee arthritis may be helped by stem cells. But what exactly are stem cells? Stem cells are young immature cells that haven’t made a choice about which cell type they want to be yet. For instance, cells can become brain cells, skin cells, liver cells, etc. These cells have regenerative properties and produce lots of chemicals and substances that help other cells regenerate and grow. This has been theorized to increased the amount of cartilage in the knee when stem cells are injected into the joint (although this is the current theory – it is still to be proved). If the cartilage or spongy tissue regrows inside the joint then there is less irritation and inflammation of the joint and thus less pain for you as a patient.


If you or somebody you know is struggling with arthritis of the knee, get in contact with a specialist clinic that offers new therapies such as stem cell injections. It might just be the opportunity you’ve been looking for to get you back on your feet and active.

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