Beverly Hills Stem Cell Therapy for Tendonitis

Beverly Hills Stem Cell Therapy for Tendonitis

Tendonitis is not only debilitating, but cumbersome and can stop an athlete in his/her tracks, preventing mobility.

There is help for that tendonitis and stem cell therapy may be just what is needed for you to live a pain-free life.

The Advanced Stem Cell Institute in Beverly Hills offers ground-breaking and effective stem cell therapy for tendonitis. They have over seven years of experience providing innovative stem cell treatment, natural pain management, and are recognized members of the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine, American Academy of Orthopedic Medicine, and American Academy of Pain Management.

Understanding Tendonitis

Tendonitis (also spelled tendinitis) is an acute condition where the tendons that connect muscle to bone become inflamed. This inflammation can cause pain, loss of mobility in the tendon, and decreased strength in the muscle from which the tendon arises.”

Tendonitis can also be called: tennis elbow, golfers elbow, jumper’s knee, pitcher’s shoulder and swimmer’s shoulder.

Although many cases of tendonitis can be treated with anti-inflammatory medications and other supplements, as well as physical therapy, some cases of tendonitis can be quite severe. Individuals who suspect that they have tendonitis complain of a “dull” ache, swelling in the affected area, tenderness, and pain when the affected area is moved.

Sports such as basketball, tennis, bowling, baseball, running, and swimming can increase the likelihood of someone developing tendonitis.

Tendonitis can develop due to physical activity, a job that requires moving, shifting and lifting, or engaging in sports. As individuals age, the tendons begin to lose their flexibility and the chance of developing tendonitis increases.

Choosing Stem Cell Therapy for Your Tendonitis

The choice to have stem cell therapy to treat your tendonitis is a personal one, but one that you can be confident in making.

Beverly Hills’ Advanced Stem Cell Institute has seven years of providing patients with the most innovative stem cell therapies for various ailments, including tendonitis.

The medical specialists at the Advanced Stem Cell Institute use the latest and most innovative procedures that are effective, successful and life-enhancing.

With stem cell therapy being a great alternative to traditional surgery, Beverly Hills’ Advanced Stem Cell Institute offers financing options for your treatments as well as post-therapy support and assistance.

So, for a pain-free life, choose Beverly Hills’ Advanced Stem Cell Institute. Your consultation awaits!

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