Best Candidates For Stem Cell Therapy

Best Candidates For Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy provides hope to many people suffering from a plethora of ailments. It has gained popularity in recent years both in the medical community and in the general public. The more stem cell therapy is studied, the more applications are found for the therapy. However, with stem cell therapy being a relatively new therapy, many people question whether or not they are candidates for the procedure. Many people are candidates for stem cell therapy without even knowing. Speaking with a qualified physician is the best way to determine whether or not a person may benefit from stem cell therapy.

           Stem cell therapy is particularly effective in helping patients who are suffering from pain. Unfortunately, as people age, they begin to experience aches and pains due to everyday wear and tear on the body. These pains may start mild. However, they often get worse over time. They can grow to the point a person can no longer pick up their grandkids or play with their children. As a result, these pains can greatly impact a person’s quality of life. 

           Pain has always been a difficult element to treat because it impacts people in a wide variety of ways. For example, some patients suffer severely from degenerative disc disease while others feel no pain at all. In addition, there are not many viable long-term treatment options for pain. The medication eventually leads to tolerance, physical therapy, and steroid injections must be repeated over time, and surgery has significant risks and rarely fixes the problem in its entirety. As a result, many people learn to live with their pain and accept a diminished quality of life.

           Fortunately, stem cell therapy has been a major game-changer for people suffering from chronic pain. Stem cell therapy offers a treatment alternative that does not put the patient at significant risk, is quick, and works. Most patients who are suffering from pain, particularly pain caused by wear and tear on the body, will be candidates for stem cell therapy. Many pain patients spend months or years trying to find an effective pain therapy regimen. Adding stem cell therapy into that regimen can greatly help to diminish pain.

           In order to be a candidate for stem cell therapy, patients must have a clear diagnosis. This is important because stem cell therapy aims to treat the underlying problem, not simply symptoms caused by the problem. Stem cell therapy works best on those patients whose ailments are caught early. For example, patients with end-stage osteoarthritis (bone on bone) would not be candidates for stem cell therapy. However, patients who still have cartilage left between their bones are great candidates. 

           As a result, patients must visit their physicians as soon as they begin to notice pain. Pain does not have to be a normal part of a day to day life. The quicker a physician is able to make a diagnosis, the better the chance patients have at being a prime candidate for stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy has made a significant difference in many people’s lives. Do not hesitate in asking your physician if you are a candidate.


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