Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy Compared to Surgery

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy Compared to Surgery

Chronic pain is one of the most trying experiences a person could go through. Chronic pain can take months or years of trying to find the best treatment. Failed trials of medication, changing diet, taking supplements, and going to physical therapy can leave people feeling depressed and hopeless. Untreated chronic pain can lead to other medical problems. After trying more conservative treatments, some patients may feel their last hope is surgery. Fortunately, the emergence of stem cell therapy has offered an alternative, minimally invasive form of treatment that gives patients hope for a life without pain.

Surgery is a very invasive form of treatment. It involves scalpels, cutting, cauterizing, stitching, and typically a long recovery period. It can require pain medication for months after the procedure, downtime for months, physical therapy for rehabilitation, sick leave from work, and comes with a large number of risks. Even if nothing goes wrong during the surgery, being under anesthesia is not good for the body. Also, there has been a significant amount of research on utilizing surgical intervention to treat pain. Unfortunately, the results have not been inspirational. Often, people who resort to surgery for pain treatment end up coming out with no results, or with worse results than when they started. This is because surgery can lead to nerve damage and scar tissue development, which can be very painful.

Stem cell therapy has become more popular in recent years. The more it is studied, the more applications are found for helping patients. Stem cell therapy is a minimally invasive treatment. There is no scarring, no need for hospitalization, and significantly reduced downtime. The sick leave from work is typically minimal, and the risks are considerably less than those resulting from surgery. In addition, stem cell therapy helps address the underlying problem without creating more issues in the way surgical intervention does. Another benefit to stem cell therapy is that it utilizes the body’s own healing power as opposed to inserting foreign substances or cutting out parts of the body as surgery does. Stem cell therapy is a great minimally invasive alternative to surgery. As stem cell therapy becomes better researched and understood, it will become even more available to people for a wider range of ailments.

In some instances, surgical intervention may be the only option when a patient breaks a part of their body. However, in most pain management cases, stem cell therapy is the superior option. Surgery comes with so many risks, side effects, and has a high potential of not effectively treating pain. In addition, the pain killers after surgery can stop surgery from being an option for people who have suffered from addiction problems. In a worst-case situation, surgery can lead to even more pain. However, with stem cell therapy, the worst-case means the treatment was ineffective. There is significantly more downside risk than upside in surgery. Whereas with stem cell therapy, there is significantly more upside potential. Stem cell therapy has a lot of benefits for those with chronic pain looking for minimally invasive and effective pain management.

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