Benefits of Cord Stem Cells

Benefits of Cord Stem Cells

Stem cells have gained significant popularity with the general public in recent years.  They can be found in everything from stem cell therapy to beauty products.  While stem cells are used as a blanket term, there are a variety of different types of stem cells that all have different benefits.  Umbilical cord stem cells have risen in popularity in recent years because they can provide relief for various ailments and come at no cost to the donor.  Umbilical cord stem cells are becoming more widely used and will no doubt continue to help people in the future.

Umbilical cord stem cells are derived from the placenta and umbilical cord of a pregnant woman.  This is done at no damage to the mother or baby.  The placenta and umbilical cord are normally discarded as medical waste.  Since we have found out that this medical waste contains stem cells, some mothers choose to donate this biologic for those who need stem cell therapy.  Once these products are donated, stem cells are extracted and stored for future use.  Using umbilical cord stem cells can lessen the risk for the patient undergoing stem cell therapy.  For example, patients who use their own stem cells have to undergo a procedure to extract stem cells, which can pose risks, particularly when they are taken from bone marrow.  Taking stem cells from donors removes the need for this additional step, thus lessening risk.

Umbilical cord stem cells contain blood stem cells that are particularly helpful for the immune system.  These cells can be collected and saved for future use which makes them convenient to use.  The blood stem cells, hematopoietic stem cells, can produce a variety of cells found in the blood and immune system.  This makes these stem cells particularly helpful for those suffering from various blood diseases such as leukemia.  In addition, when compared to other stem cells, such as those coming from bone marrow, there tend to be less immune system incompatibilities or less chance of rejection.

Cord blood stem cells are a revolutionary way to help those suffering from blood and immune conditions.  Cord blood cells help to make red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.  Many people who suffer from blood conditions such as leukemia currently do not have a cure.  Cord blood stem cells are completely changing the outlook for these patients.  In addition, the fact that the risk of rejection is low because the cord stem cells do not have to be exactly matched to the patient is a huge selling point for cord stem cells.

Stem cell therapy has made its presence known in the world and it will only continue to get better as the medicine behind it is better understood.  With so many different types of stem cell therapy available, it can begin to get confusing to patients.  This is why it is important to consult with a regenerative medicine specialist.  Different types of stem cells are good for different ailments.  Umbilical cord stem cells come with the benefit of helping those with blood problems, not needing to be exactly matched between donor and recipient, and not needing to go through the process of harvesting stem cells from the patient themselves.

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