Back and Neck Pain

Back and Neck Pain

The Advanced Stem Cell Institute is a treatment center that aims to treat medical problems through the use of stem cells.  Stem cells have shown significant promise in treating illnesses that either lack effective treatment plans or would normally require surgical methods.  Oftentimes, the only course of treatments for neck and back pain are physical therapy, medication, and surgery if all else fails.  Even with surgery, many patients still experience a significant amount of pain that inhibits them from living a normal life.  At The Advanced Stem Cell Institute, neck and back pain can now be treated with stem cell therapy.

Many people find themselves with cervical spine or neck pain.  This debilitating pain is typically caused by degeneration of the discs in the patient’s neck.  At The Advanced Stem Cell Institute, stem cells are injected directly into the affected disc to allow for relief from cervical spine pain.  Umbilical cord stem cells are used for this process and many patients report complete pain relief.  The non-invasive treatment allows patients to get back to normal activities relatively quickly.

Back and Neck Pain

Cervical and lumbar disc pain can leave patients debilitated, and unable to perform normal everyday activities.  Oftentimes, the only pain reduction method is through the use of medication.  These medications can lead to further problems, such as dependence.  Stem cell injections at The Advanced Stem Cell Institute allow patients to significantly reduce pain, to the point they can return to their normal, everyday activities.  The stem cells work by helping to repair the injured discs in order to alleviate chronic pain.

As people age, it is common to see spinal disc degeneration.  This can arise for a variety of reasons including but not limited to the discs drying out daily wear and tear, and injury.  Degenerative disc disease presents as pain in various parts of the spine.  This pain typically gets worse with increasing physical activity.  At The Advanced Stem Cell Institute, umbilical cord stem cells are injected into damaged discs to help keep them hydrated, reduce damage, and thus reduce pain associated with the degeneration.

Sciatic pain is another medical issue that can benefit from stem cells.  Patients who suffer from sciatica typically feel pain from their lower back into their legs.  Unlike many of the other ailments which typically affect people later in life, sciatic pain can affect people of any age.  Stem cells help repair the joints which impinge on the sciatic nerve, causing pain.

Back and neck pain can be miserable and debilitating.  Many people who suffer from back and neck pain never get relief and learn to live with the pain and live without their normal quality of life.  The stem cell therapy Los Angeles or The Advanced Stem Cell Institute helps patients to relieve pain without surgery, and get back to living their best and healthiest life.  This can be a completely life-changing experience for patients who have tried physical therapy, medication, and surgery to no avail.  People who are interested in learning more about stem cell therapy for neck and back pain should contact The Advanced Stem Cell Institute at 760-878-7136.

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