Are There Alternatives To Knee Replacements?

Are There Alternatives To Knee Replacements?

Knee replacement surgery was a revolutionary treatment when it first came out. People who were experiencing extreme knee pain due to arthritis, or normal wear and tear were finally able to get some relief. Knee replacements have allowed people to walk, run, play sports again, and partake in daily life without a significant amount of pain.


There are over 600,000 knee replacement surgeries performed each year in the United States alone. However, knee replacement surgery is intense. It comes with a significant amount of risks and is not guaranteed to free the patient of all pain. As a result, some patients, particularly those of older age, are hesitant to undergo this major surgery. Fortunately, there are alternatives to knee replacement surgery that exist such as stem cell therapy.


Many patients suffer from extreme knee pain for months while they try a variety of different conservative treatments. This can include anything from pain medication to physical therapy to cortisone injections. Pain medication can be problematic for patients who suffer from addiction or have adverse reactions to the pills.

Physical therapy often sees positive results with continuous appointments. However, when a patient stops going to physical therapy, the pain often comes back. Cortisone injections tend to be hit or miss. They are highly effective in some patients but do not seem to do much for others. Also, cortisone injections must be continuously given every six months or so to remain effective.


Conservative treatment options often work for a while. But, over the long term, they prove to be inadequate. As a result, many people begin to look to knee replacement surgery. However, surgery should always be used as a last resort due to the extreme level of associated risks. Also, surgery is not always guaranteed to work and can make the pain worse in some cases. Fortunately, the development of stem cell therapy now offers an alternative to knee replacement surgery.


Stem cell therapy has very few mild risks, it addresses the underlying problems, and it has been shown to be very effective in helping those suffering from knee pain. When stem cells are injected into the knee, they can harness the body’s natural healing power to begin repairing and regenerating the damaged tissue that causes pain. The low-risk profile of stem cell therapy makes it an option for people of all ages. Besides, it has a very short recovery time. Most patients who undergo stem cell therapy are up and walking the next day and resuming normal activities a few days after the procedure.


Stem cell therapy is a revolutionary alternative to knee replacement surgery. With fewer risks, quick procedure time, and its effectiveness, stem cell therapy should be considered by all people who are looking towards knee replacement surgery. Stem cell therapy is unique in that it harnesses the body’s natural healing powers to repair damage to the knee. Thanks to stem cell therapy, many patients now have their quality of life back and are living life to its fullest.


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