Alternative Therapies Ease Opioid Addiction Worries

Alternative Therapies Ease Opioid Addiction Worries



The story of Stem cell therapy has been in the media for some time now, but only recently has the main narrative shifted in support of receiving this somewhat futuristic and magical treatment. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have the ability to become specialized based on the location of the injury and have the ability to replace damaged cells and tissues to stimulate the body’s natural process of healing. Sounds pretty cool right? These cells are commonly used in medicine to help damaged tissues and cells restore themselves completely and or be replaced by the new specialized cells. Because stem cells are already found in the body, it is far less invasive than most procedures and has promise in helping treat a range of illnesses from Parkinson’s disease to diabetes, helps treat traumatic musculoskeletal injuries, and even provides anti-aging benefits. The Advanced Stem Cell Institute in Los Angeles offers a variety of different types of stem cell therapies that will be tailored to you and your road to recovery.




Mesenchymal Stem Cells or MSC’s are adult stem cells that come from a few different sources within the human body and can differentiate into many types of cells. Mesenchymal Stem cells generally include the various types of stem cells found in the human body including bone marrow cells, cord blood stem cells, adipose (fat) cells, and amniotic fluid stem cells. These different types of stem cells have the ability to differentiate themselves into bone cells, muscle cells, skin cells, cartilage, and even neural cells.

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Umbilical cord blood stem cells are derived naturally during the process of a baby’s birth with the obvious consent of the donor (mother). After a child is born, there is cord blood that remains within the placenta and the umbilical cord. This blood is then easily collected with no harm to the baby or the mother for the purpose of replicating the cord stem cells. These stem cells are most notably beneficial to the immune system of the recipient and can help treat various blood diseases as well as cartilage repair.




These stem cells are isolated and collected from the amniotic fluid of a pregnant mother with no risk or harm to the mother or child. Similarly to other types of stem cells, amniotic cells can differentiate into various types of tissues including bone, muscle, cardiac tissue, and skin. Amniotic stem cells are most promising and useful for tendon injuries in the shoulders, knees, elbows, and ankles from a lifetime of overuse or injury. The stem cell doctors in Los Angeles at the Advanced Stem Cell Institute can help assist in figuring out the correct type of stem cells you should receive based on your condition.




The human body’s bone marrow is a highly important part of our immune system that helps us fight off infection and disease. It is mostly found in the large bones of the body including the hip bone and the breast bone. A stem cell doctor in Los Angeles is always available that works isolating the stem cells produced in the bone marrow and inject them back into the patient’s body at the site of injury or disease. Bone marrow mostly consists of hemopoietic blood cells but also contains stromal stem cells that can differentiate into fat, bone, and cartilage tissue. Bone marrow stem cell treatments are often used to combat various types of cancers and can help in the treatment of tuberculosis. Contact the Advanced Stem Cell Institute to get started in restoring your life with stem cell therapy today!

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