5 Steps to Preventing Knee Surgery

5 Steps to Preventing Knee Surgery

Nearly half of all Americans will develop knee osteoarthritis in one of their knees throughout their lifetimes. Knee osteoarthritis can lead to severe pain and a diminished quality of life. In addition, knee osteoarthritis can greatly diminish mobility. As a result, many patients who suffer from knee osteoarthritis, or other conditions that cause similar symptoms, end up resorting to knee surgery. Unfortunately, surgery is not always a cure for pain. In some cases, surgery can do more harm than good. As a result, surgery should always be a last resort when it comes to fixing pain. Below are five steps patients can take to prevent knee surgery during their lifetime.


1. Be A Healthy Weight

           Staying a healthy weight can help patients to avoid knee replacement surgery. The knees support a lot of weight throughout our lives. As a result, they go through a large amount of wear and tear over time. Maintaining a healthy weight allows for less pressure to be put on the knees, thus reducing the wear and tear they go through. Therefore, this can help to prevent the need for a knee replacement in the future. 


2. Use A Knee Brace

           If you are feeling pain in your knee, a knee brace can help to unload some of the pressure the knee holds every day. In some cases, this is enough to reduce or eliminate the pain a patient may be feeling. It can also prevent any damage the knee has undergone from worsening. Using a knee brace can help to prevent knee surgery in the future.

3. Wear Proper Shoes

           Wearing proper shoes is absolutely vital, especially during active situations. Many people wear the wrong kind of shoes for their workouts. They may wear shoes with no support for running or wear running shoes for hiking. Wearing inappropriate shoes can lead to injuries that require surgery down the road. It can also lead to expedited wear and tear on the knee joints. Simply wearing proper shoes can help to prevent knee replacement surgery in the future. 


4. Use Medication and Supplements

           If patients are suffering from knee pain, or reduced motion, medication, and supplements can help to improve these symptoms. While they do not address the underlying problems, they can help to improve the quality of life. Medication such as pain relievers can help to eliminate pain for a period of time. Supplements can help to lubricate the knee joints, thus reducing pain. With a combination of medication and supplements, patients may be able to avoid surgery.


5. Opt for Stem Cell Injections

           Stem cell injections are one of the best ways to prevent knee surgery. While it is still a relatively new therapy, stem cells have shown phenomenal results for patients suffering from knee problems. They have also been shown to eliminate the need for surgery when they are used early on in various conditions. Stem cell injections work by harnessing the body’s natural healing power to address the underlying cause of knee pain and reduced motion. Stem cells have very few side effects and are a great alternative to surgery. 


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