3 reasons Why Stem Cell Therapy is an Excellent Alternative to Knee Surgery

3 reasons Why Stem Cell Therapy is an Excellent Alternative to Knee Surgery

Stem cell therapy is an advanced, modern treatment option for patients suffering from knee pain due to injury or other conditions. The amazing potential and benefits of stem cell therapy for knees could provide a safer and natural alternative to surgery for some patients, especially those suffering from knee pain or inflammation caused by conditions, like osteoarthritis.

Stem Cell Therapy for Knees

There are different types of stem cell therapy available and the type you receive can have a great impact on the relief you obtain.

Read on to understand how stem cell derived from your own body’s fat or adipose tissue, can prove beneficial for your knee pain. Fat-derived stem cell therapy might offer the least risk and highest benefit when it comes to treating knee injuries with stem cell therapy.

Why Adipose Stem Cell Therapy?

In 2002, UCLA researchers published a manuscript in which they described a novel adult stem cell population isolated from adipose tissue-the adipose-derived stem cell (ASC). Since that time, this specific type of stem cells has become one of the most popular adult stem cell types with great potential.

When performed by qualified professionals at a trusted institute, stem cell therapy could offer several benefits along with faster recovery and a rapid return to daily activity. Adipose stem cell therapy procedures for knee pain are quick and minimally invasive, allowing patients to quickly return to normal activity.

Stem Cell Therapy may help patients fight Osteoarthritis and Arthralgia

Patients suffering from osteoarthritis have lost the cartilage that lines the joints and prevents bones from rubbing against each other. This causes pain and other symptoms which may make it difficult for the patient to carry out daily activities.

Stem cells derived from one’s own body’s fat or adipose tissues have been able to regenerate cartilage in patients with knee osteoarthritis. Many patients experience significant reduction in pain, increase in meniscus (knee cartilage) growth and improved mobility after stem cell knee injections.

Your Own Stem Cells

Autologous stem cell treatments use stem cells taken from your body. Adipose tissue-derived adult mesenchymal stem cells are healthy stem cells taken from the fat on your own body. It is obvious that they would pose lesser risk than foreign manufactured or biological materials.

Fat-Derived Stem Cell Therapy is Less Invasive and More Efficient

Fat or Adipose tissue-derived stem cell therapy is a more economical and efficient source of stem cells than other cells. They carry less risk, are easier to obatin, and offer a quick recovery.

Considering that the cost of knee-replacement surgery is high, requires a highly invasive procedure, and recovery can take 3 to 12 months, adipose tissue-derived stem cells offer a much less invasive and more economical treatment option for patients.

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