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As we age, our joints, which are covered with articular cartilage that protects them from wear and tear, begin to deteriorate somewhat. This degeneration can cause us both pain and limited mobility, which affects the quality of our lives. Joint replacement surgeries offer one way to remedy the situation, but joint replacements can malfunction or become infected, and the surgeries involve the risk of general anesthetics and prolonged recovery time with physical therapy and rehabilitation. For the elderly patient or those at elevated risk for infection, this is not always a good option, and alternative treatment is needed. Stem cell injection therapy in Rancho Cucamonga, California offers an excellent, low-risk alternative that nearly always provides some relief.

Hip Injuries

The hip joint is one of the body’s largest joints and is subject to many different types of injuries. There is cartilage that encloses the hip socket, which is the part of the joint that connects with the femur, or thigh bone. The labrum is a part of the cartilage that covers the front of this joint, and it is subject to injury, with tears that can happen from repetitive movement as well as from actual trauma. This damages the hip joint and affects how it interacts with the femur, causing pain and immobility. Stem cell injections of umbilical cord stem cell can help to rebuild this area of damaged cartilage and help it to repair itself. In an older patient who is at very high risk for surgery, this offers an excellent alternative to a total hip replacement.


Stem Cell Therapy in Rancho Cucamonga

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Osteoarthritis of the Hip

In anyone who is over the age of fifty or so, there is a high risk of developing osteoarthritis, which is one of the most common chronic conditions of aging joints. Obesity, overuse of the joints, injury, and genetic components can all play a role in the development and worsening of this condition. Often, patients live painfully with the condition because it is not yet bad enough to warrant a total hip replacement or because they’re afraid of the surgery. Now there’s another way. Stem cell injection therapy offers an alternative that can give pain relief and improved function of the hip joint, rebuilding damaged hip cartilage.


Bands of tissue that connect muscle to bone are called tendons. Tendons enable the bone and muscle to work together to create movement, but when they become inflamed or injured from trauma or over time, they don’t function properly. When this occurs, mobility is compromised as a result. This is known as tendonitis. A diagnosis of a tendon injury can be made by ultrasound or MRI, and stem cell injection therapy can help to rebuild and repair the injured tissues.

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