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The field of stem cell research is creating many new and very effective ways to treat the degenerative diseases of joints and cartilage that often come with aging or from various sports-related and other kinds of injuries. The traditional old stem cells methods were taken from the adipose, or fatty tissue, of an adult patient and then can be processed for injection into various injured areas to stimulate healing and regeneration of tissue. However, more potent and effective are the umbilical stem cell, which are a new stem cell therapy technique.The procedure is non-invasive and low in risk, and patients claim they often get excellent relief. The Advanced Stem Cell Institute of Los Angeles, California has over 7 years of experience administering stem cell injection therapy and may be a great alternative for you if you’re experiencing joint or shoulder pain.

Shoulder Injuries

As we raise our arms to reach for objects, lift our bags of groceries or our children, play musical instruments, or even vacuum the floors of our homes, our shoulder joints endure a lot of wear and tear. As we age, the joints and the cartilage surrounding them may weaken and degenerate. Sometimes a sports trauma or other accident can cause a shoulder dislocation, also tearing nearby tendons and ligaments in the process. Osteoarthritis and shoulder injuries are painful and cause problems with mobility. Pain medications and surgical treatment have undesirable side effects and risks, and stem cell injection therapy may be a very smart choice to consider.


Stem Cell Therapy in Los Angeles

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Rotator Cuff Injury

A rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that stabilize the humerus or upper arm bone, in its shoulder socket. It enables you to raise your arm above your head and to rotate it around. The repetitive use of the arm in lifting, which is seen in jobs like carpentry, can result in a rotator cuff tear injury that causes pain and weakness of the joint. It is often the tendons of the shoulder area that are injured or become inflamed rather than the muscles or bones themselves. Traditionally, the treatments are physical therapy and medication, or surgery, but now, there’s another alternative. Stem cell injection therapy can help to heal and regenerate damaged tissue within the rotator cuff and can relieve many of the troublesome symptoms.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

The causes of many autoimmune diseases are not yet known, and rheumatoid arthritis is one of these. Rheumatoid arthritis, or RA, is an autoimmune disorder that causes chronic inflammation of the joints. This inflammation damages the cartilage and can even damage the bones as well. This disease usually starts in adults between age 30 and 60, and although the exact cause is not known, it is believed that environmental factors and genetics may play a role. Medications are available to treat RA, but these often have many harmful side effects and can end up doing more harm than good. Sometimes a joint can be so badly damaged from RA that surgical replacement is recommended. However, that’s no longer the only alternative. Joints that are affected by RA can also be treated with stem cell injection therapy.

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