Stem Cell Injection Therapy in Lancaster, California

There are about 230 joints in the human body. Depending upon the type of work we do and the activities we participate in, these joints can become inflamed or damaged over the course of our lives. This can cause pain, swelling, and limited mobility, and it detracts from the quality of life as we age. Some joints cannot be replaced, and even when they can, surgery is not always successful. Besides, not all people are good candidates for major surgery due to various issues with their health, such as diabetes or heart disease. Stem cell injection therapy in Lancaster, California is an alternative treatment that is very low in risk and much less invasive than surgery. For many patients, it’s simply a smart choice.

Stem Cell Treatment for Back Pain

Chronic back pain makes life much more difficult for anyone who suffers from it. Patients with this type of pain often depend upon pain medication to get through the day, or they undergo surgery that doesn’t give them enough relief. Stem cell injection therapy offers an alternative that can be life-changing. Nearly anyone is eligible for the therapy, and the risk is low, involving a possible small amount of bleeding or damage to a local nerve. Studies have shown that patients who received these injections for back had significant long term relief. Also, improvements in their conditions were visible on follow-up MRIs that were done after treatment.


Stem Cell Therapy in Lancaster

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Disc Injuries

The vertebrae of the spinal column are protected by discs, which are circular padded structures that are in between each vertebra. These discs are held in place by ligaments and can sometimes slip out of place. With age and stress, these discs can herniate and put pressure on various spinal nerves, causing pain and interfering with motion and flexibility. Surgery on the spine to repair these issues is invasive and painful and doesn’t always give relief. Stem cell injection therapy provides an alternative treatment that can be aimed non-invasively right at the targeted area where the problem lies. This can promote healing of the damaged tissue.

What the Treatment Entails

Before receiving stem cell injection therapy a consultation is necessary and diagnostic x rays or MRIs must be done to determine what is causing the back pain. A local anesthetic is then given, and after, the umbilical cord cells are injected directly to the target area while this area is visualized with fluoroscopic imaging. Once the cells reach the target, healing begins. The whole procedure takes only a few hours and the patient recovers within a few days. However, the healing of the area will continue for months.

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