Stem Cell Injection Therapy in Encino, California

Since invasive surgeries have related risks and mean time off work for recovery as well as post-operative pain and limited activity, people everywhere are looking for alternatives. Stem cell injection therapy in Encino, California is such an alternative and offers a way to use umbilical cord stem cells obtained from newborns through consenting donors, to be injected into damaged tissue to create regeneration and relief from pain. A patient can have this procedure done and can then go home the same day. There’s no need for general anesthesia and the risks that this presents, especially in an elderly patient or one with chronic health conditions.

Foot and Ankle Injuries

As we get older, our feet change along with the rest of our bodies, and we sometimes experience degenerative changes that can lead to pain and limited mobility. Being able to walk is crucial to healthy aging because immobility carries with it a list of health hazards. Keeping our feet and ankles healthy is at the root of being able to walk and get around, but when we develop osteoarthritis or other conditions, the cartilage wears down and causes stiffness, swelling, and pain. Working in jobs or careers that involve spending a lot of time on our feet can create wear and tear on them and make retirement a lot less fun. X-rays or MRI studies can show the areas where cartilage has become thin, or where there may be other related injuries to tendons or ligaments.


Stem Cell Therapy in Encino

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Foot and Ankle Treatment and Recovery

Just about anyone at all with arthritis in the foot and ankle or with other types of foot injuries can be treated safely with and can benefit from stem cell therapy. Umbilical cord stem cell are injected using a simple local anesthetic under fluoroscopic guidance, meaning that the cells are aimed at the right target using an imaging technique while the procedure is being done. The stem cells are injected into the damaged area, and then they begin their work, repairing cartilage and worn out tissue. It’s all over within two hours, and then you go home! There’s no hanging around a hospital being exposed to infection, and you can recover in the comfort of your home. Pain is minimal and is usually relieved with over-the-counter medications, and you will have some bruising and swelling that can be relieved with ice packs. You can resume your normal activities within a few days, and as you do, the damaged area continues to improve as the stem cells do their work.

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