Treating Carpal Tunnel – See a Stem Cell Doctor

Treating Carpal Tunnel – See a Stem Cell Doctor

Carpal tunnel is a repetitive strain injury of the wrists. This painful condition often strikes office workers and people who work with their hands consistently throughout the day performing the same task repeatedly. It is typically treated with surgery or medication, but stem cell therapy is offering a promising new alternative.

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? What Are Stem Cells?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a disorder that affects the carpal tunnel, a hollow passage that travels between your palm and your wrist. This tunnel houses the median nerve as well as the numerous tendons that are involved in the motion of your fingers and your forearm.

Repetitive motions can create excess friction and strain on the nerves and tendons in this tunnel. The result of this is that they may become pinched, damaged, or inflamed. This can lead to pain, discomfort, and a restricted range of motion that makes it harder to perform daily tasks. This discomfort will flare up especially badly when engaged in a repetitive motion.

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Stem cells, on the other hand, are a unique treatment that has only been offered relatively recently. Stem cells are organic, pluripotent cells that can develop into one of many forms depending on where they are introduced into the body. Stem cells can be used to replace old, damaged, or dead cells. They can also reduce inflammation throughout the body.

How Can Carpal Tunnel Be Treated By a Stem Cell Doctor in Los Angeles?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is typically treated either with surgery, wrist splints, or medication, with varying success rates. Surgery has the highest success rate but is also invasive and many would prefer to avoid it if possible. Furthermore, none of these methods truly provide a long-term solution, especially if the individual must continue with the same repetitive motion.

Stem cells, however, may provide a long-term alternative. They can be used to help enhance the body’s natural repair functions. When combined with platelet-rich plasma therapy, stem cell therapy can encourage the body to regenerate damaged tissues, cartilage, and bones – all important components of the wrist and the carpal tunnel.

By facilitating regeneration, stem cell therapy can reduce discomfort and delay or eliminate the need for conventional treatments.

Both stem cells and platelet-rich plasma can be derived from a patient’s own body. The abundance of both of these components allows regenerative medicine treatments like these to be among the most sustainable and effective for long-term solutions.

Platelets are withdrawn from the patient’s veins. They are then introduced into the wrist. The platelets are components of the immune system that contain the ‘on’ switch for numerous healing mechanisms already present within your body. By moving these platelets over to the damaged wrist, your body will receive the message that it needs to direct its healing resources to this area.


If you struggle with carpal tunnel syndrome, then you should seek treatment from a stem cell doctor Los Angeles. Stem cell therapy, especially when combined with platelet-rich plasma therapy, can help your body restore damaged tendons and cartilage that were once thought impossible to heal.

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