Suffering From Kidney Failure? Stem Cell Therapy May Be Your Answer

Suffering From Kidney Failure? Stem Cell Therapy May Be Your Answer

A kidney failure diagnosis can be very scary for patients. If you have been diagnosed with kidney failure, you have likely been suffering from some kind of kidney disease for a while. Kidney failure occurs when the kidneys lose their ability to filter blood and remove toxins from the body. Left untreated, kidney failure is a life-threatening condition. While the most common form of kidney failure treatment is dialysis, stem cell therapy is gaining popularity in recent years.

Kidney failure is the last and most severe stage of chronic kidney disease. It is often caused by other ailments such as diabetes and high blood pressure. If these diseases are kept in check, kidney failure may be avoided. However, if they are left without treatment, they often lead to kidney failure at some point. Most patients do not move directly to kidney failure. Rather, they begin having issues with their kidneys, and over time, their condition progresses, leading to kidney failure.

Some of the most common symptoms of kidney failure include a reduced amount of urine, swelling of the lower extremities, shortness of breath, nausea, confusion, seizures, and in severe cases, coma. When you suffer from kidney failure, your body is essentially being poisoned by the buildup of toxins in the blood. While there are different types of kidney failure, they all lead to the same end result, dialysis.

Dialysis is one of the main treatments for kidney disease. During dialysis, a patient’s blood is filtered using a machine. While this does not offer a cure, it allows patients to live for a much longer time than if they did not have access to dialysis. Kidney transplants are another treatment option. However, patients may be on a transplant list for years before they ever see a new kidney. There is also the added risk of immunosuppressant drugs during the transplanting phase and the risk of surgery to transplant the kidney. While there is currently no cure for kidney failure, these treatments can help diagnosed patients.

Stem cell therapy is an up and coming treatment for kidney failure. Dialysis can greatly impede a person’s quality of life since dialysis treatments take a long period of time. In addition, kidney transplants are not always effective and come with a significant amount of risks. Stem cell therapy allows stem cells to be injected into the body, and repair damaged kidney cells to help the kidneys regain function. While this is by no means a guarantee, many patients see phenomenal results with little to no side effects.

A kidney failure diagnosis makes many patients lose hope. The thought of being hooked up to a dialysis machine for the rest of their lives while waiting for a transplant can be a scary prospect. Fortunately, stem cell therapy research has shown it to be effective in helping patients suffering from kidney failure. There is hope that one day, stem cell therapy might offer kidney failure patients a cure, or at the very least, a better alternative to current treatments.

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